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Embedded Finance: Driving Product Growth

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While embedded finance can streamline B2B payments, allowing businesses to focus on their customers, it also opens the door for new product creation. 

By embedding financial solutions in existing products, or on the platform of a financial partner, fintechs are revolutionising consumer and business access to digital payment options.

From FinTech LIVE New York, Booking.com’s Group Product Manager, Romain Berthome, speaks about ways embedded finance is driving product growth in the industry.  

Driving Product growth with Embedded Finance

For Booking.com’s Berthome, “embedded finance is more about financial products you can offer your consumer, as opposed to a tool for payment processing.”

While embedded finance has been integral in a B2B sense for streamlining payments, Berthome feels its reach in the consumer world is far more extensive. 

“Embedded finance can take many forms,” Berthome notes. “It can be co-branded cards, ATMs, loans, microloans, insurance, or a range of other things. But embedded finance is really the integration of financial products in your own product journey to solve some of your customer pain points.”

It is in this way that embedded finance is helping drive product growth for retailers that use embedded finance to improve the customer experience. 

Watch the video above, where Berthome details how embedded finance is used across super marketplaces, and how financial ecosystems are leveraging embedded finance to boost the product offerings of each ecosystem member.

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