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Data Protection Mastery: Become a Certified Data Protection Officer

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Data protection and compliance are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age.

With the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, organizations must ensure that they are compliant with these regulations in order to avoid hefty fines.

This is where the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) comes in.

The DELTA Data Protection & Compliance Academy “Certified Data Protection Officer intensive training course” is designed to help individuals acquire the knowledge and skills to serve as a DPO and help organizations ensure compliance with GDPR requirements within the EU.

The course is based on practical exercises, which will help participants master the role of the DPO and become competent to inform, advise, and monitor compliance with the GDPR and cooperate with the supervisory authority.

After passing the recognized C-DPO Certificate Exam, participants will be certified and qualified to function as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) at official bodies and/or in companies or institutions in the EU.

The field of data protection and privacy rights is booming, and the need for certified DPOs will continue to grow significantly for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to the homogeneous GDPR requirements that apply throughout the EU, there are now more opportunities and lucrative job prospects in many other European countries.

The DELTA C-DPO training provides an in-depth review of the GDPR and essential data protection concepts. It incorporates video lessons, a workbook, engaging assignments, and review questions to guide participants through European data protection law and practice in a thorough, easy-to-follow format.

About DELTA Data Protection & Compliance Academy:

Founded in 2017 and based in Germany and in the US, DELTA Data Protection & Compliance Academy is led by award-winning Attorney-at-Law Shernaz Jaehnel and a team of experienced lawyers and qualified and certified specialists for data protection, compliance, and IT security. Their portfolio of clients includes companies and individuals from various industries and sectors, throughout Europe, in the USA and, most recently, in Turkey.

If you are looking to become a certified Data Protection Officer and ensure compliance with GDPR requirements, DELTA Data Protection & Compliance Academy is the expert for data protection and compliance.

The training course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to serve as a DPO and help organizations ensure compliance with GDPR requirements within the EU.

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The Complete Data Protection Officer’s Handbook

Having the right knowledge and resources can make all the difference. One such resource is “Data Protection Mastery: Become a Data Protection Professional. The Complete Data Protection Officer’s Handbook, written by award-winning attorney at law and certified data protection officer, Shernaz Jaehnel.

If you want to become a data protection professional and stay ahead of the curve, you need a reliable and comprehensive guide.

This handbook is part of the self-paced intensive online training course to become a certified data protection officer (C-DPO/CIPP/CIPM) of DELTA Data Protection & Compliance Academy, but it is also a valuable standalone guide for mastering data protection.

DELTA Data Protection & Compliance, Inc. Academy & Consulting – The DELTA NEWS – Visit: delta-compliance.com

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