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Three Practical Strategies to Enhance Your Job Prospects

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Have you ever encountered the situation of distributing your resume extensively but yielding no outcomes? No email responses.

It is crucial to present an irresistible proposition.

A mundane, conventional resume simply falls short in achieving that objective.

Employers and recruiters have grown accustomed to encountering the same repetitive content: a plain-Jane resume and cover letter. They yearn for something fresh, impactful, and irresistible.

At some point during our job searches, we have all submitted uninspiring resumes. However, the time has come for an update. Here are three strategies to modify your job search approach, ensuring a near-guarantee of securing the desired position:

1. Demonstrate that You Generate More Revenue than You Cost

Here’s the truth: You must prove that hiring you will generate profit for your prospective employer.

Hiring you incurs a cost, but your contributions through your work bring in revenue.

So, what’s the simplest way to practically guarantee your success in securing the desired job? Demonstrate, based on past achievements, that you will generate more revenue for the business than the cost associated with hiring you.

For instance, I devised and executed a campaign at my previous employer that covered my annual salary within a few weeks. This constitutes concrete, tangible evidence that my worth surpasses the cost.

Hence, if you have not already done so, start considering measurable ways in which you contribute to a company’s revenue, and incorporate those specific examples into your resume. The numbers will speak for themselves.

2. Provide Credible Evidence of Your Competence

Testimonials from reputable individuals—whether mentors, colleagues, employers, or teachers—serve as one of the most effective means of substantiating your past performance and character. Employers place great emphasis on past performance coupled with character traits (cultural fit) when evaluating potential employees.

The good news is that LinkedIn has simplified the process of gathering these testimonials. Therefore, if you have yet to acquire any, identify a few individuals who could provide excellent testimonials for you and request their support. These testimonials will significantly enhance your job search.

3. Prioritize Learning over Earning

When starting out and lacking evidence of producing results or credible testimonials, the best approach to securing an opportunity (if networking into the company proves challenging) is to offer to work for free for a week or even up to three months.

In fact, I secured my dream job—the position I had set my heart on—by proposing to work for free for three months. Naturally, you should only consider this option with employers for whom you have a reasonable certainty that working for free will lead to a job, opening up a world of opportunities for you within 2-3 years.

That is precisely what happened in my case, and it could be the same for you.

BONUS: Stand Out Online!

Your bonus tip is to establish a distinctive online presence. Why?

When you submit an application, the first action any employer will take is to search your name on Google. What if the search results astound them to such an extent that you immediately become a top candidate for the position?

This is precisely what can happen with a strong online presence, and nowadays, achieving it is easier than ever. You do not need to possess advanced technical skills; you simply need to know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and establish your personal brand among colleagues, recruiters, and hiring managers.

We understand that the interview process can be stressful and draining. By implementing these four strategies in your job search, you will practically ensure your success in securing the desired job!

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