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Sam Bankman-Fried Cleared? Prosecutors Drop Remaining Charges

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U.S. prosecutors have made an unexpected decision regarding crypto tycoon Sam Bankman-Fried. In letter to Lewis A. Kaplan, they have chosen not to add more charges, including claims of foreign bribery and bank fraud. The sudden decision sparked disappointment in the crypto industry, with critics accusing the authorities of covering up one of the biggest political and crypto scandals in American history.

Leaders Weigh In

Several key figures, such as presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, have expressed concern. Their main worry? That there might be an attempt to downplay what could be a significant moment in American crypto history.

No one is even surprised. THAT is a bigger problem than the fraud itself. It shows how normalized corruption has become.

Robert F Kennedy Jr

Bankman made headlines in 2021 for his gigantic political donations, which included large sums given to both Democratic and Republican politicians. Now, dropped charges are the latest unexpected twist in a saga that includes foreign bribery, Bank fraud, and operating as an unlicensed money-transmitting business as well as substantive securities and commodities fraud.

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According to the prosecutors, the charges of unlawful donations were already heard and covered in the evidence shown during SBF’s trial in October. They also asserted that they needed to step up with the case as The Bahamas had yet to answer the U.S.’s request for SBF’s prosecution on the additional charges.

In a letter, the lawyers explained that the majority of the evidence they planned to introduce in the second trial was already presented in the first case trial itself, and now it can be considered in the sentencing procedure of the SBF for March 2024.

“Proceeding with sentencing in March 2024 without the delay that would be caused by a second trial would advance the public’s interest in a timely and just resolution of the case. The interest in avoiding delay weighs particularly heavily here, where the judgment will likely include orders of forfeiture and restitution for the victims of the defendant’s crimes.”


Understanding the Implications

Beyond the immediate legal concerns, the crypto industry is closely watching this case. A pressing question remains: How will the legal system ensure fairness for investors impacted by this high-profile bankruptcy?

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