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Need a Little Self-Love and Inspiration? Check Out These Newly Published Reads!

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Everyone needs a little self-love and inspiration in their lives. Whether you’re looking to overcome grief, gain confidence, transform your life or learn how to deal with failure, we’ve gathered an incredible list of self-help books to add to your TBR pile. Keep reading to become the best you you can be! 

Unfinished Business by Melanie Smith (August 8, She Writes Press)

Melanie Smith is no stranger to immovable grief and trauma. Using her own experiences and research, Melanie created Unfinished Business, a solution-based, eight-step process that will help you overcome heartbreak, emotional wounds, old patterns and other negative habits that keep you from succeeding in different aspects of life, such as love, relationships, finance and health. This scientifically supported system has helped people all around the world transform their lives. With Melanie’s guidance, you will be able to clear out the heavy baggage of your past, making space for the courage and clarity needed to create the purpose-filled life that was always meant for you.

Soul Archaeology by Sarah Sapora (August 8, Balance)

Learn how to redefine self-love with personal growth trailblazer Sarah Sapora as she guides you through the process of self-discovery and uncovering your Ultimate You. Starting with the question: “What’s hurting me right now?” you will start to see the patterns that keep you from a self-loving life, define how you truly want to feel, and build your Self-Love To-Do List to break free of the quest for unattainable perfection. Using her own personal narrative, Sarah teaches readers to abandon the traditional Before-and-After thinking while offering a strategy for self-accountability, honesty and compassion that will ultimately lead you to becoming a person not defined by weight or age, but by your commitment to a more loving, honest and powerful life.

If Only I’d Known by Chelsey Brooke Cole (August 15, Portwell Press)

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling “not enough” or “off” in a relationship, you may have experienced narcissistic abuse. It happens so suddenly that you believe your insecurities are because of you and not because of what’s happening to you. This multilayered attack on your sense of self often leaves you confused, without knowing how to get out of your situation. Through If Only I’d Known, therapist Chelsea Brooke Cole teaches readers strategies to understand the inner workings of a narcissist, heal from narcissistic abuse, and experience sustainable post-traumatic growth in this three-part book.

Gutsy by Natalie Franke (August 15, Worthy Books)

If you’ve been putting things off, are tired of chasing after approval or want to become the boss of your own life, Gutsy is the perfect guidebook to uncovering the audacious courage within you. Learn how to turn off other’s expectations, ask for what you deserve and be brave enough to take the next step with Natalie Franke as your guide. The space between where you are now and where you want to be is never as big as you think. Gutsy will empower you to push past the fear of other people’s opinions and lead to a life full of curiosity, confidence and grace.

Right Kind of Wrong by Amy C. Edmondson (September 5, Atria Books)

Transform your relationship with failure in this guide from researcher and Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson. These days we are torn between two definitions of failure: one that says to completely avoid it and one that says to do it fast and do it often. Neither teach us how to separate good failure from bad, keeping us from failing well. Right Kind of Wrong outlines basic, complex and intelligent failure, showcasing how to minimize unproductive failure, as well as how we can embrace our human fallibility, learn when failure is our friend, and prevent it when it is not. Using real-life stories, Amy provides practices, skills and mindsets to help us replace negative feelings associated with failure, such as shame, with curiosity, vulnerability, and personal growth.

Solo Passage by Glenda Goodrich (September 26, She Writes Press)

Searching for healing and meaning in midlife, Glenda Goodrich embarks on a series of wilderness quests through Oregon, Washington, and California to find what nature has to teach her about life, death, happiness, spirituality, and forgiveness. This memoir follows Glenda’s journey, noting the sacred ceremonies that connected her to the land and transformed her from a woman who worked for others into a woman who forged her own path. A thoughtful reflection on the healing and power of nature, Solo Passage teaches readers what nature has to offer and the importance of self-discovery. 

self-care Reward yourself

Coach Yourself! by Antonia Bowring (September 26, Wiley)

Become the best version of yourself through the power of performance coaching from Top NYC Executive Coach Antonia Bowring. Learn to increase your awareness about inhibiting behaviors and habits in your personal and professional life, as well as the necessary steps to move forward, through Antonia’s performance coaching formula: increased awareness + changed behavior = flourishing individual and thriving work performance. Coach Yourself offers you tools and recipes to navigate the exhilarating journey of self-exploration and performance coaching, teaching you that everyone has answers inside them. 

Selfish by Stephanie Szostak (October 10, Post Hill Press)

Create your inspirational playbook for life with Stephanie Szostak’s eight self-reflection exercises. If you are looking for a mind shift, want more out of life and are self-motivated to do the work to heal, step into this journey of self-discovery, forgetting the roles you play and making space for every part of yourself. Follow your heart. Be selfish when working through prompts, questions and examples that will empower you and allow you to gain clarity on what is truly important to you, what motivates you, and what gets you emotionally charged to live the life you want. 

Happy AF by Beth Romero (November 14, She Writes Press)

Wanna be happier? Using simple strategies drawn from neuroscience, positive psychology and behavioral science, happiness junky Beth Romero created the ultimate roadmap for happiness. This how-to-guide teaches you how to live up to your greatest potential in a fresh, insightful and accessible language you can relate to, helping you discover the art of letting go, the importance of grace and gratitude, and ways to stop negative thoughts to transform your life. If you believe and do the work, happiness is within your reach, waiting for you to access it. 

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