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Meta to Integrate Generative AI in All Products

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Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that Facebook plans to integrate AI into its products, including Messenger and WhatsApp, to offer improved customer support for businesses.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced in the company’s Q1 earnings call that generative AI will be integrated into all of its products. This move is expected to bring significant improvements in user experience, specifically in visual creation tools for Facebook and Instagram ads and posts, as well as video and multimodal interactions.

Foundation Models for Enabling New Use Cases

Zuckerberg shared that the major focus of their AI work is foundation models that would enable new use cases, including Generative AI. The company’s AI work would impact every single app and service, and Zuckerberg is excited to ship more of what they’re building in the coming months.

Meta’s Generative AI-Powered Ad Creation Tools

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth previously hinted at the potential of generative AI-powered ad creation tools in an interview with Nikkei. The company has yet to release a widely accessible product similar to ChatGPT, but it has introduced an AI language model called LLaMA to researchers earlier this year.

Zuckerberg also hinted that AI personas or agents could be introduced into messaging apps and Instagram, and eventually the metaverse. While he did not provide specific details, Zuckerberg said that generative AI will be able to support the multi-billion investment the company has been making into mixed reality experiences, making it easier for users to create avatars, objects, worlds, and code.

Late Adoption of AI-Friendly Hardware

Despite the success of generative AI, Meta’s late adoption of AI-friendly hardware has left the company scrambling to catch up. According to a Reuters report, the company is working on a massive project to improve its AI infrastructure, with capital expenditures increasing by about $4 billion a quarter.

AI Improvements in Business

Meta has already seen some business improvements from using AI, with AI-powered Reels recommendations driving more than a 24% increase in time spent on Instagram. Reels monetization efficiency is also up over 30% on Instagram and over 40% on Facebook quarter-over-quarter.

Support for the Metaverse and WhatsApp’s B2B Customer Support Business

Zuckerberg clarified that integrating generative AI into Meta’s products is not a pivot away from the metaverse. Instead, it would support the company’s multi-billion investment in mixed reality experiences, making it easier for users to create avatars, objects, worlds, and code. Additionally, Zuckerberg believes that generative AI would be able to support WhatsApp’s B2B customer support business, allowing small businesses to engage in chat with customers through AI agents.

Meta’s integration of generative AI in all its products is expected to bring significant improvements to user experience, and the company is positioning its generative AI strategy to support its business and technological goals.

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