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Help! I need a new job!

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We’ve all had days where we’re fed up with our job. Days where we can’t listen to Sandra’s moaning any more, we can’t take the constant interruptions from a micro-managing boss and can’t look at the same data for another 8 hours. It’s normal to feel that way sometimes – but if you’re constantly stressed, fed up, burnt out or bored, if you’re coming home every night screaming “I need a new job!” – then it’s time to take action.

Luckily, CV Shed is here to help you out of your funk, with some actionable advice to get you into a job you’ll love.

Identify the problem

Before you start firing off
applications left, right and centre, take a step back. There’s no point in landing another job if it will come with the same problems you already have. If you don’t enjoy the work, maybe a career change is in order. If you like the work but not the people, the same role at a different company could fix things. And if you need a better pay and benefits package, maybe an internal move will be possible. Clarity and direction at the beginning of the process will save you time and ensure you don’t end up in another unsuitable position.


Now you know where you’re heading, but before you set off on any journey you need to prepare. There are some simple steps to take so that you’re ready to act as soon as you spot that ideal opportunity. Firstly, get your CV up to date. It will need to be
tailored towards the type of role you’re aiming for and show off your
achievements and unique selling points to make you truly irresistible to a recruiter or hiring manager. You’ll also need to update your
LinkedIn profile – make sure it tells the same story as your CV and contains plenty of keywords so that you pop up in recruiter searches.

Start looking around

Never underestimate the power of your network! Build your LinkedIn network and start reaching out to your real-life contacts to let them know you’re open to new roles. Don’t forget to remind them what you do and what makes you great at it! You can also start looking at online job boards – there are plenty of generalist boards, but you may have more luck with specialist boards or LinkedIn, depending on what you do.

I need a new job immediately!

Is your job search more urgent? If you need a new job ASAP – whether you’ve been made redundant, fired or need extra income – stay calm. Firing off multiple applications in a blind panic isn’t the way forward – you’ll just waste time applying for jobs that ultimately you either have no hope of getting or are unsuited to. None of these actions need to take a long time – and you can even
outsource some of it so that you can focus on your priorities and land a great role sooner.

Keep the momentum going

The job market is difficult and it’s easy to get disheartened quickly, especially now that recruiters and businesses seem to think that ghosting is acceptable (it isn’t). Keep motivated by brushing up on your interview skills, having conversations within your network and reaching out to recruiters and hiring managers. If an internal move is a possibility, schedule a conversation with your manager to discuss options.

If you don’t post on LinkedIn, why not start? You don’t have to post content advertising your job search if you don’t want to – you can post anything work-related, to ensure you remain at the top of people’s minds when opportunities arise.

Land that job!

Hopefully, with preparation and a strategic approach, that new job won’t be far off and the days of you sobbing “I need a new job!” into your cornflakes every morning will be a distant memory. Good luck with your search!

Further help

If your job search preparation needs a kick-start, CV Shed is here to help. Whether you need an introduction to a career or interview coach,
an evaluation of your CV, advice on your LinkedIn profile or a brand-new CV from scratch, CV Shed has a service for you. I’m looking forward to helping you put job misery behind you.


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