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Global Impact of EU’s AI Act

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Lagging Behind: A History of Tech Regulation Challenges

Tech regulation has historically struggled to keep pace with the rapid advancements in the industry. Even landmark legislations like the UK’s online safety bill and the EU’s Digital Services Act took nearly two decades to materialize after the launch of platforms like Facebook. The urgency is exacerbated as AI, exemplified by the widespread use of ChatGPT with over 100 million users, continues its unchecked progress.

A Global Response: Initiatives and Frameworks Taking Shape

While the UK’s Rishi Sunak convenes a global summit on AI safety, the European Union is leading the charge with the AI Act, a comprehensive attempt to regulate AI technologies. In the U.S., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer presents a framework prioritizing security, accountability, and innovation. The EU’s AI Act classifies AI systems based on risk, addressing concerns ranging from unacceptable risks to minimal or no risk.

Unpacking the EU AI Act: Categorizing and Regulating Risks

The EU’s AI Act classifies AI systems into categories like unacceptable risk, high risk, limited risk, and minimal or no risk. Unacceptable risk involves outright bans on systems that manipulate people or engage in activities like predictive policing and real-time facial recognition. High-risk systems, affecting safety or fundamental rights, undergo rigorous assessments before market entry and during use. Limited risk systems face transparency requirements, especially in generating AI content like deepfakes.

Foundations and Copyright: Addressing Core Concerns

The EU AI Act delves into foundational models, such as those supporting generative AI tools like ChatGPT. To combat copyright infringement risks, developers must register data sources used in training, and AI chatbot creators must publish works used in their development. The legislation emphasizes human oversight, redress procedures, and fundamental rights impact assessments for AI systems.

Enforcement and Global Impact: The Brussels Effect

The EU aims to finalize the AI Act by year-end, with the potential for it to become a global standard. Lisa O’Carroll explores contentious issues like real-time facial recognition and the “Brussels effect,” where the EU’s regulations set a gold standard for major players like Google and Facebook, influencing their global operational frameworks.

Influential Regulation Amid Global Divergence

Technology lawyer Charlotte Walker-Osborn acknowledges the EU’s global influence but highlights challenges as other countries, including the U.S., UK, and China, consider their own regulations. Critics, like Dame Wendy Hall, suggest alternative, pro-innovation approaches, emphasizing the need for responsible and trustworthy AI development.

Industry Responses and Challenges

Industry leaders, including Sam Altman of OpenAI and Microsoft, express varying stances on the AI Act. While some advocate for legislative guardrails and international alignment, a Stanford University paper cautions that major players like Google, OpenAI, and Meta may unevenly comply with the EU AI Act’s requirements.

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