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Gift guide for jobseekers

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Do you know someone who’s struggling to find a job? For those of you looking for a gift for a job seeker that shows thought and consideration, CV Shed has put together a few present ideas.


An interview outfit

Your job-hunting friend needs to make a positive first impression when they step into the interview and knowing that they look the part will also have a knock-on effect on their confidence. The gift of a new outfit could give them one less thing to worry about.


A course

If your job seeker needs to upskill to progress their career, consider which training courses might help them. Whether it’s a local, online or long-term course, there’s something for every budget and subject available. It’s a thoughtful Christmas present that could have a huge impact on their future earning potential.


Motivational cupcakes

Job hunting can be a demoralising and depressing time, but who wouldn’t be cheered, inspired and reinvigorated by a box of motivational cupcakes? The perfect gift for a job seeker, and also for me, in case you were wondering.


A gift card

If money is an issue because your job seeker is unemployed, the most helpful thing could be to buy a gift card and let them spend it on what they really need. Put some thought into which gift card would benefit them the most – one from a local supermarket, so that they can buy necessities? One from a beauty salon so that they can get interview-ready? A travel card so that they can get to interviews and networking meetings?


Company and time

If your friend is currently unemployed, it’s likely that they’re having to watch the pennies and are feeling a bit low. Something as simple as taking them out for a coffee, meal or cocktails and picking up the bill afterwards could make all the difference – sometimes the opportunity to chat and offload with a friend is all the therapy you need.


A posh notebook and pen

Who doesn’t like to make a list? A notebook is invaluable to a job seeker for many reasons – recording their career achievements for their CV, preparing for interviews, noting contacts from networking events, tracking applications… the opportunities are endless!


A career book

There are hundreds of books out there focused on helping job seekers, including general career advice, how to write a CV, answering tricky interview questions, writing a cover letter, personal branding… the list goes on! Obviously, I’d recommend CV Shed’s eBook,
Write a CV for the Modern Job Market!


A professional CV rewrite

If they’re not landing interviews, it could be their CV that’s the problem. New eyes on their CV could make all the difference, so why not give the thoughtful gift of a
professional CV rewrite? A new CV will show off their achievements and strengths, so as well as increasing their chances of getting that new job, you can also give your jobseeker a confidence boost! CV Shed offers gift vouchers – just ask when you order!


Festive greetings

It’s too early to be wishing you a merry Christmas, but I hope this list has given you some inspiration for thoughtful gifts for job hunters. Enjoy the season knowing that you’ve made a difference to someone’s future!

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