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ESG PRO Awarded “ABB” ESG rating for 2022

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We’re Pioneering a Sustainable Future with an ABB ESG Rating Based on the GRI Framework

ESG PRO Limited is delighted to announce our latest achievement: the ESG rating of “ABB”. This is not only a testament to our ongoing commitment towards the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our business model but also represents a significant milestone for us as a company. The “ABB” grade reflects our concerted efforts to ensure responsible and sustainable practices across our operations.

We believe our ESG rating represents a UK industry first: no other privately owned management consultancy business in the United Kingdom has an ESG rating!

The ESG rating is an increasingly relevant benchmark for businesses worldwide. It provides a comprehensive measure of a company’s commitment to, and implementation of, sustainable practices. To have earned an “ABB” grade, ESG PRO Limited has had to meet stringent criteria across three pillars: environmental impact, social responsibility, and sound governance.

ESG Enterprise is one of the Top-10 ESG rating s firms globally

The Environmental Pillar

Achieving an “ABB” grade required us to scrutinise our environmental footprint meticulously and take significant steps to minimise any negative impact. This included strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage waste responsibly, and decrease water usage. We have also increased our investment in renewable energy and integrated innovative sustainable technologies into our business model.

The Social Pillar

The social dimension of our ESG rating process focused on how we interact with, and impact, our stakeholders – including our employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where we operate. Our “ABB” rating highlights our commitment to diversity and inclusion, fair labour practices, and community engagement. It emphasises our belief that the success of a company is inextricably tied to the wellbeing of its people and the health of the communities it serves.

The Governance Pillar

Good governance underscores our dedication to ethical and transparent business operations. Our “ABB” ESG rating signals our commitment to combating corruption, ensuring transparency in our financial transactions, and promoting ethical conduct across all facets of our business. It also attests to our adherence to strict regulatory compliance and the implementation of best-practice risk management strategies.

In Accordance with the GRI

The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) framework underpins our ESG rating process. This internationally recognised framework has provided us with a robust structure to identify, understand, and communicate our ESG impacts effectively. By aligning our ESG strategy with the GRI Standards, we have been able to ensure our sustainability actions are relevant, credible, and comparable across sectors and regions.

The GRI framework’s inherent focus on stakeholder inclusivity and materiality has allowed us to focus our efforts on the most significant impacts. We have also had the opportunity to engage with a broad range of stakeholders throughout the process, enriching our understanding of the economic, environmental, and social impacts of our operations.

Why does this matter? In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses must move beyond a myopic focus on profits and consider their wider impacts. Adopting an ESG focus helps align our company with global efforts to create a sustainable future, and the GRI framework provides a clear, universal language to communicate these commitments.

Tangible Benefits of ESG

Furthermore, achieving an “ABB” ESG rating offers tangible benefits. Studies suggest that companies with strong ESG credentials often enjoy higher market valuations, lower cost of capital, and improved operational performance. Moreover, a robust ESG rating can boost investor confidence and attract socially conscious investors seeking to align their portfolios with sustainable and responsible companies.

For ESG PRO Limited, the “ABB” ESG rating is more than just a badge of honour. It’s a recognition of our efforts to be an industry leader in sustainability and a responsible corporate citizen. It’s a beacon guiding us on our journey towards a more sustainable future, a future we are shaping together with our stakeholders.

But we won’t rest on our laurels. Achieving an “ABB” grade is just one milestone in our ongoing journey of continual ESG improvement. We remain committed to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations, and we pledge to continue evaluating and enhancing our ESG performance to exceed stakeholders’ expectations and set new standards for our industry.

Our “ABB” ESG rating, underpinned by the GRI framework, is a significant achievement that places us among the top performers in ESG practices. It is not just an endorsement of our past and present efforts but a testament to our commitment to driving a sustainable future. We thank our stakeholders for their ongoing support and engagement and look forward to continuing our shared journey towards sustainable prosperity.

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