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Eliminating Work Stress: Solutions for a Stressfree Workplace

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If you find yourself stuck in a perpetual “case of the Mondays” that stretches throughout the entire week, it might seem like workplace stress is an unwelcome companion you can’t shake off.

It’s likely that the same dedication to precision and unwavering focus that propels you to achieve top-level results can also make you more susceptible to stress. While nobody anticipates you transforming into an executive with the serenity of a seasoned yoga instructor overnight, there are simple, effective methods to help you manage stress seamlessly while maintaining your peak performance at work.

Stress vs. Fear – What’s the Difference?

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is no stranger to stressful situations, from launching rockets into space with varying degrees of success to pioneering self-driving automotive technology.

But despite his ability to take significant risks in his work, he is not without fear of failure. However, he cautions people to know the difference between an irrational fear that is causing stress and a justified fear. For the irrational fears, Musk invites people to ignore them, identifying them as baseless. For the rational fears, he urges people to decide when to take a worthwhile risk.

If your stress is caused by fear, know what kind of fear you’re dealing with and get to managing it or embracing it.

Procrastination is the Enemy

Often, starting a dreaded or unpleasant task is far less painful than the time spent dreading and avoiding it.

While many people use procrastination as a coping mechanism for stress, it can often become the problem itself, digging a deeper hole for you to climb out of. Take action instead. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done. If possible, find a way to make the stress-inducing task more pleasant. Type that report due today on your laptop while sitting outside the company’s deck. Play music while you crunch the numbers for an upcoming budget meeting.

Buy yourself an extra indulgent latte from the café on the corner to sip while you make a series of unpleasant phone calls. Whatever you do, please don’t put it off: you’ll only make it worse.

Draw the Line Between Work & Life

Almost everybody struggles with keeping work obligations from bleeding into their personal lives.

As a result, a simple check of your email from home can invite all of the stress of the workplace right into your kitchen. These moments can cause anxiety even before you leave the office, anticipating that the workday is not really over when your evening commute begins. While there will be some projects and responsibilities that require check-ins after hours, do not allow these to become the norm: only certain efforts will not be able to wait until work the next day. It’s up to you to know the difference.

If you become known around the office for replying to even the most trivial of emails after hours, people will expect as much from you even when not necessary.

Be the Master of Your Own Inbox

It’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of being at the beck and call of your inbox, particularly when those unread email notifications start piling up and that distinctive ping grabs your attention.

If you often feel stressed and distracted at your desk, it might be time to rethink your email management strategy. Are you dropping everything you’re doing whenever that notification sound chimes in? This scattered approach to your workday might be the culprit behind your lack of productivity. Instead, consider setting aside specific times to check your email throughout the day.

Tailor these intervals to suit your needs and then commit to focusing on your work, free from any email-related guilt, with your inbox temporarily closed.

Get Perspective

Your job is only a part of your world. While building a career is a top priority, it’s vital that you remember exactly what you’re working for.

What drives you in your professional journey? Is it securing a financial cushion for your family? Aiming to support your parents in their retirement? Striving to bring about positive change in your industry? Aspiring to earn a spot on a prestigious list like “40-under-40”? By refocusing your priorities on these larger objectives, you’ll gain a fresh perspective, allowing you to see the bigger picture.

Even better, when taking the more comprehensive view, you may find that specific tasks, which once seemed essential, are really not necessary at all and can be cleared aside for more meaningful work.

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