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A VC explains why founders should look at accelerators to take their startup to the next level

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The journey of a startup is seldom a solitary endeavour. It’s an expedition steeped in camaraderie, mentorship and, crucially, timely intervention.

A pivotal lifeline, often undervalued or misunderstood, is the startup accelerator.

Today, as a technology venture capitalist and a mentor with the Founder Institute, I’d like to share why accelerators warrant serious consideration from founders poised at the cusp of scaling.

Before delving deeper, it’s imperative to differentiate between accelerators and incubators, two terms that are often erroneously used interchangeably. Incubators are akin to nurturing greenhouses, providing an embryonic startup with space, infrastructure and a supportive environment to develop their ideas at their own pace.

Accelerators, on the other hand, are rigorous boot camps where selected startups undergo an intense, usually three to four-month programme, aimed at rapid scaling and development. Here, mentoring, networking and significant learning opportunities take centre stage, often culminating in a pitch to potential investors.

Selecting an accelerator isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a deeply personal and strategic decision that could shape the trajectory of your startup. The tech ecosystem is rife with accelerators, each boasting unique focuses, be it business stage, technology, business model or geography.

For instance, some specialise in nurturing early-stage startups, while others foster growth-stage companies. Some are sector-specific, honing in on industries like fintech or health tech, while others are geographic, focusing on boosting regional innovation.

Matching your startup’s needs with the right accelerator can catalyse phenomenal growth. Accelerators offer a litany of resources, from access to expert mentorship and vast networks to hands-on help with the nuts and bolts of business operations. The intensive pace can be daunting, but it’s designed to instil discipline and a fail-fast-learn-faster ethos, fostering resilience for future challenges.

Participation in an accelerator programme means joining a community that extends beyond the duration of the programme itself. Alumni networks, where lessons, resources and even collaboration opportunities are shared, can be an invaluable source of ongoing support.

Moreover, the visibility that comes from being part of an accelerator is often a draw for investors, increasing the chances of securing subsequent funding.

But accelerators aren’t solely about capital and connections. An oft-overlooked aspect is the opportunity for validation. The crucible of an accelerator allows for your business hypothesis to be tested, iterated and refined. The rigour of constant feedback and scrutiny serves as an effective reality check, helping founders avoid the echo chamber that sometimes accompanies passion projects.

In my time with the Founder Institute, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative potential of accelerator participation. From a broad, nebulous idea, founders emerge with a robust, market-ready product and a refined business strategy. More importantly, they graduate with an ingrained discipline and an ability to execute swiftly and effectively, two traits invaluable in the unpredictable world of startups.

Ultimately, accelerators shouldn’t be viewed as an easy ticket to success, but rather as a resource-rich platform that could facilitate growth if leveraged correctly. It’s akin to having a coach while running a marathon. While the coach can provide guidance, training and resources, it’s ultimately up to the runner to reach the finish line.

The path to scaling a startup is fraught with challenges and distractions.

The right accelerator can provide the focus, guidance and community to navigate this path, catalysing success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

To all the bold, bright and tenacious founders out there, I urge you to consider this route. The journey may be intense, but the rewards could be transformative.

  • Benjamin Chong is a partner at venture capital firm Right Click Capital, investors in bold and visionary tech founders.

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