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What’s Next for the #Quiet Hashtag Trend?

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Almost three years ago we were introduced to the coronavirus. Now quietly finished. Both are equally tenacious, and when we think we’ve banished them, they re-emerge in different forms. I learned about “quit smoking” and “quick smoking”. Now there seems to be a new strain called “Quiet Constraints”.

This practice occurs when employees intentionally withhold valuable knowledge that might be useful to their colleagues.according to Recent reports According to Kahoot!, 58% of company employees and 77% of Gen Z employees hoard information, contributing to a culture that reduces employee engagement.

As the #quiet hashtag trend continues, where will it stop next? We will continue to see alliterations.

#Quiet Consternation

Employees can withhold information from their colleagues, but rumors spread quickly. Others will eventually acquire it, whether it is knowledge acquired through their own work or information passed on to them by current or former colleagues. And they aren’t happy when they find out it was intentionally withheld from the team. This selfish attitude will eventually lead to feelings of animosity and resentment among co-workers, which probably won’t go unnoticed for long.


When managers learn that their employees have accumulated knowledge that could benefit their team and company, they have little choice but to confront them and find out why. It is paid for money and failure to contribute is grounds for dismissal. Emphasizing the importance of managers prioritizing teams over personal interests, he holds one-on-one meetings, preferably reengages employees, and conveys the value of a shared culture. This can result in one of two outcomes following him.

#quiet cooperation

Ideally, employees will find that withholding information that puts their team at a disadvantage will hurt them in the long run and hinder their chances of recognition, promotion, or future endorsements. As the old cliché says, everyone can achieve more together (TEAM) and help themselves by helping others. No one is an island. Perhaps most employees will realize their mistakes, value their work and their relationships with colleagues, and be able to correct it in the future. Others may leave the department or company behind a more cohesive team.

#quiet surrender

There will always be outliers to try and overcorrect. Despite this, or whether it’s a genuine attempt to right past mistakes, some employees start over-sharing with co-workers, taking up valuable meeting time and inbox space. It gets occupied with a plethora of information, much of which turns out to be useless. ’, you may ask.

The tendency to quit quietly is a real phenomenon, breathing new life into old work habits through the use of hashtags and TikTok videos. As tired of hearing workplace-related “quiet” things as they are, it’s a constant reminder that old things are new again and those old habits are hard to die. Fueled by a perfect storm of workplace norms and viral social media posts, the #quiet hashtag trend continues, reappearing every time we think it’s been suppressed. Hold on… this storm can’t last forever.

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