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What it’s Like to Work at Bloomberg

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Finance and business professionals face the challenge of navigating increasingly large amounts of data to enable well-informed decision making.

Bloomberg, a financial technology company, plays a key role in connecting decision makers around the world with accurate information about financial markets. Through innovative tools such as the Bloomberg Terminal, the company provides access to financial data, news and insights to help clients turn knowledge into action.

Bloomberg’s data team is responsible for the end-to-end ingestion and delivery of the data behind the company’s products and services. The team processes billions of financial information every day and plays an integral role in ensuring the breadth, depth and quality of financial data Bloomberg is known for.

This article explores the data sector and its ever-evolving role within Bloomberg and the financial technology industry. Additionally, we interviewed his Global Head of Data, James Hook, about the latest industry trends, his career trajectory, and the traits and skills needed to succeed in today’s data roles.

Bloomberg Data Division

Bloomberg data analysts combine both financial market knowledge and technical expertise to collect, analyze and deliver the most relevant content to clients who operate across industries and asset classes. The core role of this team is to 1) acquire, model, and enrich proprietary and third-party data for use by clients, 2) support client data queries, and 3) streamline workflows. To innovate efficiency. Enhance your company’s systems, products and processes.

Data management is an emerging field made up of many disciplines, including data modeling, artificial intelligence, data science, and data quality control. Individuals focused on data at Bloomberg are given training and client exposure to better understand how data fits into financial markets. As the data industry evolves, it creates ample opportunities to expand her skill set and experience in a variety of areas.

The industry’s rapid evolution also requires Bloomberg’s data team to adapt to the latest trends and practices to help clients solve their current business problems. The team actively manages the data for future client needs.

James Hook Career Trajectory

During his 18-year tenure at Bloomberg, James Hook embodies what it means to be an effective team member and leader. At Bloomberg, he demonstrated his ability to work in a variety of areas, first as an engineer in software and then as a team leader in his team of structured products. There he has developed expertise in both technology and financial markets to offer his solutions to valuable clients.

With that experience, he joined the data technology engineering team and managed the talented individuals who build the systems that power all the reference data that drive Bloomberg’s applications and enterprise systems. Today, as head of the data division, he focuses on combining domain expertise with innovative data management techniques to increase the overall value of data products.

Through intellectual curiosity, collaboration and hard work, James has built his career at Bloomberg. His path is unique, but it speaks to the career potential available in Bloomberg’s data division.

Global opportunities in data

In an interview, James Hook explained what Bloomberg (and the data industry in general) looks for in candidates and the qualities they need to make a successful and influential employee.

Successful Bloomberg data professionals come from a variety of educational backgrounds and share two common traits. First, an aptitude to delve into specific data and financial domains, and second, a willingness to innovate and experiment.

In addition to developing subject matter expertise and technical skills, data analysts collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders around the world on product development, from engineering to sales.

Most of Bloomberg’s employees work in major cities around the world, but many data analysts work in Princeton, New Jersey, a suburban community about an hour from New York City. The Princeton location offers a research campus-like culture and boasts open outdoor spaces that foster unique collaboration opportunities between the departments that work there. to foster a continuous learning environment where new and bold ideas are developed, tested and realized.

Based in Princeton, New York City, James has a diverse data team around the world, with more than half working in Latin America, Europe and Asia. whole.

bloomberg way

Bloomberg is data driven. Developing strong data management skills is therefore essential to Bloomberg’s continued and sustainable growth as a company. Located at the intersection of technology, finance, and data management, our employees have a wide range to explore their passions and pursue different projects throughout their careers with the company.

Bloomberg’s culture and environment are not only special, but the company’s philanthropic mission has a real impact on the world and is incredibly motivating.

If you’re interested in learning more about open positions at Bloomberg and stepping into the world of data and analytics, check out our current vacancies. As the world of data expands, so do the opportunities. Do not hesitate to act.

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