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What is the UK Shopping Basket really costing us?

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It’s January 2023. For those of us in the UK, predictable weather means cold and miserable weather. Naturally, she might respond to this by lounging under a blanket and sipping hot chocolate to her heart’s content — considering it’s her 2023, the cold weather outside isn’t necessarily completely You’ll also find that it doesn’t necessarily show the whole picture. climate changeand are you sure hot chocolate is behind all this? do you

So maybe I’m taking it a little too literally here, but maybe it’s not the hot chocolate’s fault. UK shopping carts are impacting climate and natureAs we enter the new year, food production is at the center of three environmental challenges. The challenges of climate change and nature loss are routinely addressed, but both are heightened by his third challenge. This is the challenge of simultaneously feeding a growing global population.

What impact are UK shopping baskets having on climate and nature?

The environmental footprint of our food supply chain is flooded at nearly every level, but not yet. Now food production here in the UK is part of the problem and contributes significantly to the deterioration of the health of our planet. needs to put food systems on a sustainable basis. Success requires ESG, sustainability and de-risking the food supply chain.

Who Needs to Take Action?

By 2022, WWF and Wrap It was published Retailer’s Nature Commitment – ​​Climate ActionA document detailing actions retailers take to address their environmental impact. Action number 2 highlights how to “help your suppliers decarbonize” by reducing risks from your supply chain and your client’s supply chain from day one and highlighting the importance of ensuring your climate action plan is on track. is explained in detail.

Without action, food supply chain instability will eventually affect everyone at every level of the food supply chain. To succeed in turning the tide on climate change and natural loss, it is essential to make changes across the priority areas mentioned above. Understanding how to navigate your own or your client’s supply chain can be difficult, but STAR Index offers support every step of the way in your ESG and sustainability efforts.

Now is the time to act

Business as usual will only worsen the food supply chain. So now is the time to act. You may be wondering what actions you should take to support your business or clients and fix a broken food system. That’s where we come in.

The STAR Index is ready and ready to help tackle the UK shopping basket!

Interested in acquiring these or any other services to help your organization or client take action on climate change today? Contact us for a free demo today. here.

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