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What is the Internet of Behaviours (IoB)?

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In 2012, Professor Gote Nyman introduced the term “Internet of Behaviours” (IoB), envisioning a network where we could give behavioral patterns a special address, kind of like how devices have their own unique addresses in the Internet of Things (IoT). Since then, IoB has become a big deal in the tech world, catching the eye of experts and being recognized by Gartner Consulting as a top technology trend for 2021.

While initially conceived as an extension of IoT, IoB has matured into a distinct entity, capturing the attention of technology experts and thought leaders. Gartner Consulting, in its insightful analysis, acknowledged IoB as one of the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021, underscoring its transformative potential and positioning it as a harbinger of paradigm shifts in the technological realm.

IoB is essentially an amalgamation of physical and digital elements interconnected online. Beyond merely collecting data, it strives to correlate this information with human behaviors, drawing insights from fields like psychology and sociology. The overarching aim is to deepen our understanding of human behavior and leverage this knowledge to shape behavior across various domains, ranging from business strategies to the formulation of public policies.

What sets IoB apart is its integration of diverse technologies, seamlessly combining elements such as adaptive advertising and commonplace technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This holistic approach enables a comprehensive examination of how people conduct themselves in both digital and real-world contexts.

Consider the application of IoB during the COVID-19 pandemic: Utilizing location data from patients and hospital staff, IoB can discern behaviors that contribute to virus spread or mitigation. For instance, strategically placed tags at handwashing stations can monitor adherence to hygiene protocols among healthcare workers, facilitating timely reminders when necessary.

However, beneath the promising applications, IoB raises significant concerns, particularly in safeguarding individuals’ data:

  1. Excessive Data Collection: IoB relies on the aggregation of data from various devices, such as wearables and cameras. This prompts questions regarding the volume of data collected and the entities granted access to it.
  2. Lack of Transparency Regarding Data Use: Inheriting transparency issues from other technologies, IoB struggles to communicate clearly with users about data collection practices. Users may remain unaware of how their data is being used, especially when devices silently collect information.
  3. Potential Inaccuracy: IoB presupposes an accurate understanding of human behavior, a challenge given the inherent biases and complexities introduced by technologies like Machine Learning. Ensuring data accuracy becomes crucial, necessitating transparent communication with individuals and providing mechanisms to rectify any erroneous inferences.

As IoB continues to integrate into various aspects of our lives, a thorough exploration of these concerns becomes paramount. Understanding its societal impact and ensuring ethical usage are collective responsibilities. This comprehensive analysis aims to guide the academic community through these critical discussions, providing a nuanced understanding of IoB and its implications for our tech-driven future.

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