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We Used chatGPT to Write a Corporate ESG Report

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Ed. Note: This is Part 2 of a series of articles on his experience writing and answering ESG questions using the AI ​​platform chatGPT. In my first article, I focused on checking whether an AI app would copy my writing style when writing blog posts.

Wouldn’t it be great if chatGPT wrote your company’s ESG report while you were out for coffee? After trying it, I found that there is a problem with doing so.

First, there’s an obvious 2,000 word limit on the output. He may be able to get around it to some extent by telling it to write one section at a time, or by entering a “continue” command after each piece that is generated. But as I said before, the more you write, the more repetition. This is not the best writing style and shows very little human attention.

Another obstacle I found is illustrated by the responses I received after being asked to write ESG reports for companies like Intel.

“Sorry, we are unable to produce an ESG report for a company like Intel as we need access to internal company data and information. can be provided.

A typical corporate ESG report includes information about the company’s environmental, social and governance practices.

Environment: This section describes the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize its impact on the environment. It may contain information about energy efficiency, renewable energy use and waste reduction efforts.

Society: This section describes the company’s commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, and its impact on the communities in which it operates. This may include information about the company’s labor practices, human rights policy and community commitments.

Governance: This section describes the company’s corporate governance practices, including information on its board of directors, executive compensation, and risk management strategies.

Overall, a company’s ESG report provides a comprehensive overview of a company’s performance in these areas and efforts to create long-term value for its stakeholders. ”

Most interesting to me is that chatGPT believes ESG data is entirely internal and not publicly available, whereas Intel’s latest “Corporate Responsibility Report” actually AvailableDid the bot think a ‘corporate responsibility report’ was completely different than an ESG report (which I asked for)? I tried the same command with several other large companies that have been doing CSR/ESG/sustainability reports for several years and the response was the same as above, just the name of the other company.

It has no real data to work with and just returns a very short general overview of what it thinks should be included in a basic ESG report. You don’t even provide suggestions for related reporting frameworks, which you didn’t specifically ask for, so they didn’t. The bot apparently doesn’t recognize when it’s useful and appropriate to provide suggestions, recommendations, and references that aren’t specifically requested.that means you have to very Identify with commands and manage exceptions somewhat.

For now, at least, chatGPT appears to be of very limited use in producing corporate ESG reports. You have to collect data and continue writing stories in the traditional way. very sorry.

In the next article in this series, we’ll take a look at how chatGPT addressed regulatory questions. Teaser: I was surprised at how poorly explained 30-year-old environmental regulations were, but they did a decent job with new SEC regulations that the bot didn’t even know existed.

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