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The Next Arms Race: Empowering the next generation of cybersecurity workers

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The data revolution catalyzed many of the technological innovations of the 2010s, with new capabilities for collecting, analyzing, and storing data helping the tech industry stay on the cutting edge and attract the best talent. . The explosion of ransomware, phishing, and online fraud over the past decade has fueled a software arms race in cybersecurity to protect data in the online world. As data continues to move at the speed of light, cybersecurity has become the newest frontier in technology, and spreading the word about it will go a long way in closing the skills gap in the industry.

Think F1. fastest growing sport One of my favorite emerging sports to watch. Why F1 attracts so many people teeth Because it is always on the cutting edge of all racing technology. They use artificial intelligence to improve vehicle performance, leverage new materials and new engineering, and are constantly chasing peak performance measured in milliseconds more than their competitors.

In the technology industry, cloud infrastructure, big data, AI They are all used in various industries to optimize specific processes. But cybersecurity is at the point where it all converges, producing some of the world’s most innovative technologies.As an industry, we continue to embrace AI. We are working across large datasets and need to build these extensive analytical pipelines to explore the data that is streamed into our platform. I like to think of cybersecurity as the F1 of the software industry. Because we integrate all this cutting-edge technology to bring new products to market. But that’s not the only reason cyber has become such an exciting place for young developers. It’s also because we’re saving the world while we’re doing it.

After all, cybersecurity companies probably have the strongest value proposition in software. Because we aim not only to improve productivity in one area, but also to save our customers.cyber security The fastest growing AI software category The main reason is that adversaries in hiding around the world are using AI, ML, and big data tools to deploy malicious software at the same speed that we are building detection and response systems. Because we are building. This means that the bar for cybersecurity innovation has been set by an invisible external force. To be the only industry with a true adversary (and an invisible adversary), we need better data collection systems, more advanced AI to detect insights, and faster speed to stay ahead of the bad guys. You need to move forward with relentless momentum, complete with alerts.

When recruiting new talent from universities and other markets, the unique and fast-paced nature of cybersecurity is the industry’s greatest asset.When Over 770,000 cybersecurity jobs Available exclusively in the United States, it’s imperative that the industry spreads the message that cybersecurity innovation has never stagnated compared to other areas of software development.

And while cybersecurity has become a major hotbed of AI innovation, the industry will always need humans to use the tools it develops.contemporary Security Operations Center (SOC) Human and artificial intelligence elements must work together to enable action at the speed of data. Anyone who says otherwise, such as touting “fully autonomous security”, may not be telling the truth.

SOC Analysts are what I call the “last mile” of security, working with the latest technology on the market. That’s why, for prospective candidates to land a career in cybersecurity, they need to project the message that they’re working for good, at a speed unmatched by any other field of technology today.

Dan Schiappa, Chief Product Officer, Arctic Wolf

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