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The benefits of ESG reporting to mitigate the threat of D&O Litigation

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This article discusses positive and negative examples of good ESG performance and how poor governance can lead to D&O litigation.

First, let’s look at a case that can be considered groundbreaking. This action could be the first effort to hold the board personally accountable for failing to properly plan the transition to net zero.

Shell shareholder environmental law firm ClientEarth announced Tuesday that it has notified Shell of the claims against the company’s 13 executive and non-executive directors. ClientEarth alleges that the Council failed to comply with its obligations under English law by failing to implement a climate policy that fully complied with the historic Paris Agreement (5). This can also be viewed as a breach of fiduciary duty that occurs when a fiduciary acts in its own interest rather than that of an employer or principal.

Another example of poor ESG practices is the multiple lawsuits filed against the Chief Operating Officer and CEO of Facebook (now renamed META) over data privacy.

There are several class action lawsuits filed against META. Price v. Facebook, Inc. et al. Comforte et al v. Cambridge Analytica; Renken et al. v. Facebook, Inc. et al. All of the aforementioned lawsuits concern violations of privacy and unlawful commercial practices regarding the use and distribution of personal data. These misconducts in enforcing proper regulations to protect user data lead to poor reporting of corporate governance and user care.

On March 23, META shareholder Ronald Martin filed a complaint in connection with class action lawsuits including Price v Facebook. Martin is suing META, its CEO Zuckerberg, and his directors Thiel, Andreessen, Bowles, Desmond-Hellmann, Hastings, and Koum. Defendants have been accused of misappropriating business assets and breaching fiduciary duty in shareholder lawsuits (6).

A good example of an ESG report and implementation is graphics processing unit maker Nvidia. The company continued to pay its vendors and contractors while its facilities were closed due to COVID-19, thus increasing trust among all beneficiaries and stakeholders and creating a stable and financially responsible image of the company was created. As a result, Nvidia’s overall annualized return to shareholders over the decade has exceeded 50%. Revenue increased 61% to $26.91 billion in fiscal 2022 and GAAP EPS increased 123% to $3.85.

Another example of a good ESG report is swimming pool supplier ‘Pool’. The company features his Eco Select products and participates in the EPA’s WaterSense program. The company makes information available to its customers to promote responsible water and wastewater management. The pool donated to charities such as the National Forest Foundation and human rights groups, as well as providing free swimming lessons to children. The aforementioned measures taken by the company contribute to building a good public image of the company involved in the daily life of the local community and all stakeholders. The company’s EPS for the 12 months to March 31, 2022 was $17.96, an increase of 68.8% year-over-year. His 10-year annual total return for the pool is almost 30% (7).

After reviewing and weighing the risks of inadequate ESG reporting and practice, and experiencing the aforementioned lawsuits against D&O as a result of inadequate ESG reporting and practice, investing in a superior ESG portfolio can It can be concluded that it mitigates and prevents threats. D&O litigation makes a company more competitive and more attractive in the public market.


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