Home Startups Rainy Day Options Led To Tanking My Business. Here’s What I Learned. | by Ellen “Jelly” McRae | The Startup | Jul, 2023

Rainy Day Options Led To Tanking My Business. Here’s What I Learned. | by Ellen “Jelly” McRae | The Startup | Jul, 2023

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I am a former addict. My drug of choice; options.

It all started with my website design business, which no longer exists by the way. I started that business thinking if I became successful, I would be able to do my writing, my dream profession, on the side.

As I progressed with the website design business, I took on a side hustle with one of my friends. We were making a website about small businesses. A directory of sorts.

Somewhere in there, I took a job as a copywriter for a tech start-up, too.

My plate was full.

I had all these money-making options, but not exactly drowning in cash. Yet, I was drowning. I was time-poor, energy-depleted and no closer to becoming a writer.

But I couldn’t get rid of any of them for fear that I would be missing out.

I rationalised my decision with demented logic. Better to have more balls in the air juggling than to have only one, I told myself.

And of course, it was smart business, right?

If you’re going to own a business, you need some sort of safety net. A backup plan so when a rainy day occurs, which it will, you’re prepared.

I took that way too literally, perpetually keeping my options open. It was like I was dating multiple businesses at once. I never committed and wondered why I ended up single in the end.

It’s not how you do good business by the way.

It’s how you end up always changing your mind and never really succeeding at anything. Here’s my cautionary tale for you; the realities of option addiction.

More is more, right? Especially when you’re talking about rainy days. Better to have more saved away, I told myself during my business infancy.

It was the approach I used when I decided to set up my first online store, alongside the website design business and my stint as a copywriter.

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