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Pre-Seed Valuations Are Down 📉. A better, longer version of this first… | by Entrepreneur’s Handbook | Sep, 2023

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In this week’s edition, we discuss:

  • How to avoid ruining your best team players
  • The state of play with pre-seed valuations and funding

“It is impossible to be both in charge and continually kind. Fair, yes; kind, no.”

Jan Cavelle, author and entrepreneur, always sought to build the perfect culture at startups. And what better way than to promote the most-loved, people-pleasing employees to management, right? Wrong.

Here’s why:

  • Startups need more than “Don’t worry” — Fast-growing startup managers must develop their leadership skills, motivate their teams, inspire them to do well, challenge them, and set goals. It doesn’t ultimately make people feel good to have a manager say not to worry and to pick up their slack.
  • Anxiety hampers communication skills — For people-pleasers, asserting themselves is downright terrifying as a prospect. But a manager who cannot assert themselves ends up not being heard at all.
  • What makes a great team player doesn’t make a great manager — Never promote to management based on liking someone or how willing, helpful, and kind they are. Choose someone with the skills the job demands and the potential to be a leader in their own right.

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