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Our Journey to Net Zero: Two Years On

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Sustainability is and should be a priority for everyone. But often I don’t know where to start. By blending technology with years of frontline experience, Rio helps clients around the world become more accountable and aware of their operations. We enable organizations and individuals to make better, more sustainable business decisions for the long term and for the benefit of all.

At Rio, we believe it is important to live what we preach by dedicating ourselves to creating a sustainable world for our employees, clients, community and the world at large. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, not only for our organization, but also for our clients.

In 2021 we will Pledge to Net Zero and set science-based goals To achieve net zero within our organization.

Like many customers, Emissions increased after the Covid escape. A major factor in this is the increasing return to office-based jobs.as we continue to provide flexible working conditions, Returned normal commuting emissions are Our footprint.

We recognize the important social sustainability benefits of meeting face-to-face with our clients and colleagues, and we also recognize the need to do this in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. recognizing.

While we have measured the impact of returning to the office, there is also work to track the impact of telecommuting and hybrid work using the new work-from-home emissions method set by BEIS/DEFRA in the UK carbon conversion factors published in 2022. I did. and is now available on the Rio platform.

Calculating your carbon footprint

To ensure a complete and comprehensive coverage of our carbon footprint, trip Data such as commuting data, business trip data for all employees in the UK Calculate your work from home emissions. we also collected natural gas, electricity, waste, water Consumed in all offices in the UK.used Rio Use the platform to calculate your carbon footprint and compare it to the previous year.

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s emissions compared to last year:


(net tCO2e)


(total tCO2e)


(net tCO2e)

% change from base year net CO2e
scope 1 2.5 0 0 ↓100%
scope 2 6.7 1.2 0 ↓100%
scope 3 12.3 28.4 28.1 28%
total 21.5 29.6 28.1 30%

tC02e Base year and current year carbon emissions by scope

*Net figures take into consideration the use of renewable energy

Moved to London office on 2021/22, no gas, purchased 100% renewable electricity, reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions to net zero.

On the contrary, we saw us 30% increase in Scope 3 carbon emissions from the previous year. During the Covid-19 pandemic, most employees were working from home. As we emerged from the pandemic, more employees traveled to the office to attend external meetings, increasing emissions from business travel and commuting. Also, the number of employees is growing rapidly, which contributes to the increase.

To further limit this increase, we will work with our staff to improve energy efficiency at home and in the workplace, encourage staff to purchase renewable energy at home, and encourage sustainable business travel wherever possible. I am trying to

SBT’s short-term goals are:

Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by at least 42% from 2019/20 baseline by 2030/31.

  • This has been achieved in our most recent fiscal year 21/22 and we continue to target this for future office relocations.

Reduce Scope 3 emissions by 30% or more from FY2019/20 baseline by FY2030/31.

  • The increase in Scope 3 emissions this year has influenced progress in this area. Create a sustainable travel policy and work with staff to ensure this is well understood and adopted. Once we have achieved reductions to our “remaining emissions” point, we apply SBT-approved carbon reduction offsets to help us meet and exceed our targets. Net zero by 2040.

With the next fiscal year coming to a close, consider also calculating your latest carbon footprint to measure your progress against your goals. Our journey to sustainability continues.

Download the 10 Steps to Net Zero guide here. Without jargon, this guide offers a simple, step-by-step process to reach out to organizations of all sizes and sectors.

If you have any questions about the process or need guidance in determining your organization’s carbon footprint and setting science-based targets, please contact us.

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