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Need Help with Job Interviewing Skills?

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What do companies look for when interviewing potential employees? Hear directly what their priorities are in this on-demand panel discussion.

  • Avery Davila, Brightspot, Senior Manager of Recruitment
  • Technical Source Representative, Employer, Gabe Morabe
  • Experience Manager Candidate, Hired, Alice Tan*
  • Experience Manager Candidate, Hired, Maria Coffey*

What Are Recruiters Really Asking?

Avery Davila

I think it’s really important to be involved in the interview process. It looks like you’re genuinely interested in the company, genuinely interested in the role, or excited to be there. Look intently, be well-positioned, pay attention, and maintain eye contact. This is a bit tricky in the virtual world these days, but you get the point!

Gabe Morave

Ask genuine questions and follow up. Maybe I say something at the beginning of the interview and you mention it in the middle of the interview. It shows that you are 1) actively listening to him and 2) relating it to previous experiences.

Avery Davila

It’s also a good idea to have a notepad handy and jot down some notes. Perhaps the important one sticking out of the conversation. For example, if you have a discussion about expected roles and have notes to reflect on. I also think it shows that you are interested in and understand the information. I actually did it during his interview with Brightspot and even used it to look back before day one, so double positives.

Gabe Morave

Take these notes and apply them to all other interviews. It is not limited to one company. All these companies will be looking for the same thing, especially if you are applying for a specific job.

For a brief story of previous work experience, how you took the preview experience and looked at the job description to see how your experience fits into this role and how you specifically apply This could be a specific project, an initiative you led, or working with a specific sales volume within a specific market.

Avery Davila

When you’re preparing for an interview and trying to be brief, it’s a good idea to outline your experience and make sure you get all the key points. If so, create a brief synopsis. Write down two sentences so that you can explain them concisely. That way you don’t go back and forth and end the interview realizing you wanted to mention this. This is a good preparatory tip to be concise and clear when describing your background.

Always ask questions. It shows that you are genuinely interested in the company. Have questions ready, even if they’re easy questions or you’ve already answered them early in the interview process. You can ask the same question to different interviewers. Because you get different perspectives based on their role, their unique experience, tenure, etc.

Watch now and discover:

  • How to appear confident (including examples of how candidates can be great without knowing what to expect)
  • What recruiters see as red flags and how to avoid them
  • Resources for interview tips and more!

*Since this event, Alice and Maria have leveraged their CX insights into their new roles of Pre-Sales Enablement Specialist and Customer Success Manager with Hired, respectively.

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See the original presentation below.

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