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it’s your Friday good news — Ask a Manager

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Good news for Friday!

1. “I am very excited to share Friday’s good news: ‘This will never happen!’

When I was denied one more day of work from home this summer (to schedule two days at the office and three days at home), I was fed up with the job, and even more fed up after my promotion was announced. bottom. I didn’t get anything, nor did anyone in my entire department.Move up beyond 1-2% COLA for a few years or make more money I realized there was no way out.I decided to start looking in November after my 401k was another 20% finalized.

After one frustrating day in September, I decided to apply for a remote job I saw online that matched my skills and interests. From this batch, I have had 3 interviews with her. One kicked me out later, and another of his made it to the final round, but was paid too little and dropped out. And her third started last week!

I was able to get a 30% salary increase in a fully remote position with really great benefits at a company where the work aligned with my values. I keep pinching myself because I keep thinking someone is pranking me. But after a week of onboarding, I believe it to be true. And the silver lining is that, turning 55 this year, her 401k before has her 100% vested. By the way, I was also worried about applying with gray hair for the first time, but it seems that there was no such thing.

So believe me, AAM readers. Your next better job could be right around the corner! Wishing you all a wonderful 2023. ”

2. “I know you hear this all the time, but I never thought I would write to you. , my boss suddenly quit the job.After working for 6 years, I applied for the job, but 4 years ago I worked for that company and when we worked together before, I had several Disappointed, I started looking for a job in earnest.I had several interviews, but no one would hire me. I resigned myself to working for this person, and decided to bow my head and deal with it as gracefully as possible.

Fast forward two months later, the person they hired hated the job, quit, and was offered a promotion. I was still a little resentful at first, but then I remembered your popular advice. I gladly accepted this position. It’s a job where you can really grow with almost 30% raises! Thanks for the advice. ”

3. “I have been reading your blog for several years and wanted to share some good news!

I have worked for non-profit organizations for the past 10 years. I loved my job dearly, but had a hard time dealing with a highly toxic manager and a dysfunctional leadership team. When I was promoted to manager a few years ago, I started reading your blog to learn more about how to support my team. But I loved the job so much that I kept tolerating it.In the last 6 months things have gotten much worse and with your amazing reader support and past questions read over and over in the middle of the night Thanks to you, I started job hunting. Last month I was hired in the exact position I wanted, with the bonus of being fully remote!

All the meetings I have attended so far have been professional and productive. My new supervisor is actively soliciting input on projects and is already aware that his skills were underutilized in his previous position. I’m really looking forward to the busy season and new challenges and my mental health is improving day by day!”

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