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Intel CEO: AI Will Push Us Forward—If We Use It Responsibly

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AI technology must be secured and move forward responsibly. Industry and global leaders must work together to shape the future of our technology. Progress is in its early stages and we need to work together to create new possibilities that bring out the best in our human selves.

AI is already bringing about global change and giving us a powerful tool. It has the potential to enable a responsible, inclusive and sustainable future. Harnessing the power of AI to tackle critical global challenges such as pandemics, natural disasters, and global public health. We also develop AI capabilities and solutions to expand human potential, enhance inclusion, and improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

It is our duty to ask, “Have I made society better or worse?” Engineering remains imperfect if technology cannot be proven to be superior. Only if it is repeatedly proven to be superior to non-AI experiences can it become the new normal.

Adoption of technology, especially AI, must always have a scientific, data-driven foundation and governance to guide the journey. Neutrals are similar to negatives in the early stages. In the turmoil of the past few years, we have experienced some darkness. This shows how easy it is to find our world teetering in the wrong direction on the edge of pervasive technology. We cannot blindly follow runaway economies and algorithmic innovations. . We cannot track metrics such as click-through rates or time spent on the website. Technology must consistently demonstrate and deliver superior results to existing human results.

When it comes to innovation, the question is no longer whether something can be done, but why. Machines will soon make more decisions than humans. Our role as humans is to ensure that these decisions are made by utilizing a rigorous, collaborative, multidisciplinary peer review process throughout the development life cycle and by establishing diverse development teams to reduce bias. It’s about making sure it’s more appropriate and ethical. We must also be cognizant of the potential ethical and human rights risks associated with the development of AI technologies, which are constantly in a race between positive and negative outcomes. While mitigating potentially harmful uses of AI, we can also anticipate the law of unforeseen consequences when technology is both the problem and the solution.

The technology itself is neutral in nature. We must always shape it as a force for good. The tech industry should act as a role model for companies in all industries that use AI technology-enhanced systems to achieve breakthroughs. AI, when responsibly built and used, creates prosperity and enriches lives.

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