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What if you hate your job? Toxic Work Environments.

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It’s normal to feel a little anxious about going back to work after a restful break. 

The new year is a time of new beginnings, but most resolutions are doomed to failure. Whether it’s due to poor planning, lack of willpower, or falling back into the same old habits, or a combination of these three he is!–nothing changes. Instead of setting unattainable solutions, consider taking small steps. Make many small, simple changes over time and eventually, you’ll achieve the big change you want. 

Decide what you want.

Start your journey to a new job by deciding exactly what you want. Maybe you’re looking for more local roles, step-ups, work-from-home opportunities, bigger reward packets? Identify what not to do and what is nice to have. You can then develop an action plan for which roles to prioritize and how to get there. For example, changing jobs might mean thinking about reskilling, but if you’re aiming for a higher salary, an impactful resume that shows your worth might be a better focus. 

Network is key!

One of the most common ways to reserve a new role is through the network. It’s not limited to your professional network. Catch up with friends, family and people you’ve met or hobby virtual acquaintances, a potential or actual client and anyone else you can think of. These are the people on your side who want to help. That doesn’t mean you should cling to them desperately and sob, “I hate my job. Help me find a new job!” Tell them you’re open to new opportunities and make sure they understand what you’re looking for. If you hear it, you’ll be in their minds.

Don’t forget your social networking sites. Even if you don’t want to broadcast that you’re looking for a new job, there are plenty of groups you can join to help you find a job. You can also follow companies that interest you. That way, you’ll be informed as soon as a job is posted, and you’ll know the background of the company if you’re invited for an interview.

On the topic of networking, is your LinkedIn profile complete and up to date? With keywords sprinkled and your well-rounded account skill, if you have the experience and character, a recruiter may approach you with a job offer. Staying active with likes, comments, and posts can improve your profile and be the first person your contacts think of when work comes up.

Be prepared. 

It’s not good to find the perfect role, but not being in a position to apply. In addition to updating your LinkedIn profile, you should also update your resume. Luckily, this is one area of ​​his job search that can be outsourced.

Resume Shed lets you build your resume from scratchmake sure it aligns with current best practices, showcases your skills and experience, positions you as a desirable candidate, and maximizes your chances of catching the eye of recruiters. You’ll be perfectly positioned to enter the job market with the confidence that you’re doing your best.

Applying for a job is great, but you should also be well-prepared for interviews. There are many practice questions available online.

Just do it!

Armed with an impactful resume and LinkedIn profile, you’re ready to go. We hope your network has an eye on you, but it doesn’t hurt to visit a job board. There are now many specialist job boards serving a variety of industries and specialties, so take the time to find the one that best fits your career aspirations. If you have a specific role in mind, you may have better luck with the more generic board. Regularly check the companies you are targeting as well. You almost certainly have a careers page on your website.

Set aside extra time.

No matter where you are in the job search process, setting aside extra time for this purpose will increase your chances of achieving your goals. How much time you can spare is up to you. It can be minutes or hours a week, as long as you use that time to make progress in some way. You can also write your resume, apply for jobs, network, prepare for interviews, and browse job boards. Whatever it is, if you stick to your weekly or daily tasks, you’re more likely to succeed.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient.

By taking small, regular, focused steps, you should be on track for your new job. Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight. But with patience and positivity, your cries of “I hate my job” could be the last New Year drowning out the sound of Big Ben.

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