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Artificial Intelligence Race Intensifies as Google, Meta, and Snapchat Compete with ChatGPT

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Microsoft invests billions of dollars in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

Chasing Microsoft, the global tech giant is rolling out announcements on how to implement artificial intelligence like ChatGPT into the world’s leading platforms and applications, with YouTube being the latest plan now.

Here’s a rundown of how the world’s biggest tech companies plan to ride the AI ​​wave.


Microsoft is most committed to pushing generative AI to consumers, pledging billions of dollars into OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

The Windows maker is actively testing the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology in its enhanced Bing search engine and plans to add the tool to the easily accessible Windows 11 taskbar.

Microsoft will also add GPT-3 to its Office suite, including Word, and the Edge browser. While there is some debate about AI’s readiness for the general public, the rollout ensures maximum exposure to the technology. Shortly after the Bing integration was introduced, media reports surfaced that chat technology was a mess. The company has made some adjustments to its program since then, but it’s been largely on track.


Under pressure from Microsoft, Google announced in February Bard, a ChatGPT-like conversational robot powered by its own large language model called LaMDA.

The California-based giant said it is working with a smaller version of LaMDA to facilitate testing and “make sure Bard’s answers meet our high standards of quality,” Microsoft said. revealed a more aggressive push for

Google has said AI-powered features will soon be rolling out to its world-leading search engine, but remains vague on exactly how and when. CEO Sundar Pichai said: Google-owned YouTube’s new CEO, Neal Mohan, has said generative AI will soon be available to creators to “expand storytelling and increase the value of their work.” However, YouTube “has taken its time to develop these features with careful guardrails,” he added.


Meta has so far taken a more cautious approach to ChatGPT-style AI on major social media platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, at least publicly. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Feb. 27 that his company is creating product groups to figure out how to “turbocharge” the company’s work. But he warned that there is a lot of “basic” work to be done.

Meta also announced a large language model called LLaMA. This makes it available to researchers as an open-source tool, unlike his ChatGPT, whose technology is secret. The company explains that LLaMA is smaller than rival AI models, allowing researchers with modest computational power to advance their research.


The teen-popular platform said it would introduce a chatbot powered by the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. First available to subscribers, the “MyAI” tab allows users to interact with the chatbot like a friend.

Given its younger audience, Snapchat’s chatbot is much more limited than ChatGPT. Requests to write school essays or publish large amounts of inappropriate content will be more tightly controlled. Retailer platform Shopify is also eyeing ChatGPT as a consumer app.


Chinese internet search giant Baidu announced on February 7, 2023  that it could release its ChatGPT rival Ernie Bot as early as March 2023. It is intended for use in a range of services ranging from search and cloud computing to autonomous driving.

A day after Baidu’s announcement, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said it was testing a ChatGPT-like service through its own research institute.

Elon Musk

Tesla and SpaceX mogul Elon Musk, who also owns Twitter, is reportedly considering a conversational bot that will do away with ChatGPT’s filters.

According to news website The Information, Musk has approached researchers in recent weeks about setting up a new lab to rival early investor OpenAI before the sale.

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