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Co-Found Your Solution with NBT Visionaries Incubation Program

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Do you have a startup idea involving IoT, AI, or other Industry 4.0 technologies? Next Big Thing (NBT) offers the opportunity to collaborate with Runway Capital, top talent, hands-on support, industry partners, and more to find solutions. increase. Please apply by January 15th.

Next Big Thing AG is a leading venture studio and technology provider accelerating the world’s transition to a machine economy. It is useful not only for setting up a new company, but also for scaling an existing company. This time, NBT is inviting innovators to participate. NBT Visionary Incubation Program co-founded their technology company.

Join NBT to build the future of the machine economy

NBT predicts that by 2025, over 40 billion devices will be interconnected, including streetlights, cars, thermostats and nearly every object around us. Moreover, by 2030, the AI ​​market is projected to grow 13 times he at a CAGR of 38%. NBT is actively working to contribute to this digital transformation through:

  • Driving innovation: NBT enables people and organizations across the economy and society to participate in innovation and contribute new ideas, knowledge and capabilities. Its platform turns people into successful founders and enables organizations to become his B2B innovators.
  • Making technology accessible: NBT works to make it easier for everyone to access and use technology to navigate the digital world. Connectivity improves everyday life, and from democratized access to healthcare to augmenting human capabilities, the machine economy is the next step.
  • Pioneering a sustainable future: In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), NBT is committed to developing sustainable mindsets to pave the way to climate neutrality, provide technology, and support venture builders to have a positive impact on the economy and the world. and promote development.

Why join the NBT Visionaries Incubation Program?

The NBT Visionary Incubation Program provides resources to help tech startups navigate the maze of ideas, accelerate concept validation, invest initial capital, and build next-generation business models with multiple in-house experts helps. What do I get by participating in the NBT program?

  • €125,000 for the initial capital of the runway (at the time of establishment)
  • 9-12 months of hands-on support from the NBT Venture Studio, product, design and technical teams (service hours worth up to €1.6 million)
  • Up to €500,000 total investment available through institutional seed round
  • Likely to secure further investment rounds

Should I apply for the NBT Visionaries Incubation Program?

NBT Visionary Incubation Program offers opportunities to realize new business models powered by IoT and AI if you have startup ideas related to the following areas of focus:

  • Digital excellence in industrial production: Looking to enable global manufacturing and industrial companies to streamline, simplify, digitize and/or automate their production and service organization? NBT Visionaries are looking for the following smart solutions .
    • Connected Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
    • Real-time robot control and production automation
    • Digital knowledge management and operator support
    • digital aftersales
  • Smart & Connected Energy: Do you have ideas for data-driven technologies and smart services that enable efficient generation, distribution and consumption of renewable energy? Create a sustainable and safe energy future. NBT Visionaries is looking for founders to build sustainable solutions for:
    • Enabling Green Energy Generation
    • Predictive and AI-driven monitoring, maintenance, and automation
    • distributed energy system
    • Off-grid energy solutions
  • Digitization of real estate and infrastructure: Looking to develop data-driven technologies and intelligent services to advance your real estate sector? Work with NBT to automate your property management and simplify infrastructure operations. Specifically, NBT is looking for solutions that address the following:
    • Building and asset health monitoring
    • Digital property management
    • Connected buildings and system infrastructure operation
  • The future of warehousing and supply chains: Are you ready to build digital and sustainable solutions for interlogistics and intralogistics to provide transparency, connectivity, efficiency and stability for industrial warehouses and global supply chains? NBT is looking for founders to build smart solutions in areas such as:
    • Smart warehouse and inventory management
    • Supply chain transparency and visibility
    • Supply chain resilience and risk management
    • Digital-ready freight management
    • Fleet tracking and monitoring

Structure of the NBT Visionaries Incubation Program

  • deep dive — Define industry challenges and conduct rigorous, in-depth market and user research.
  • Idea validation — Deriving insights from interviews and developing, refining and running various tests to validate future directions of ideas.
  • type of business — Develop a sustainable and transparent B2B technology business model and corporate vision based on feedback from potential customers.
  • rapid prototyping — Define go-to-market strategies and product roadmaps to validate prototype viability using a variety of evaluation methods.
  • financial modeling — Create a detailed financial model of your venture that investors can trust.
  • demo day — Market in front of the NBT Investment Committee to secure the initial funding. If successful, he will have the opportunity to receive a loan of up to €125,000, as well as access to NBT’s excellent network.

NBT Visionaries Incubation Program Timeline

Now accepting applications!

The last date to submit the application is January 15, 2023!

The venture building process takes place in three steps:

  • NBT Visionary (3 months) — This includes prototyping and testing and a signed LOI
  • NBT Ventures (24 months) — At this stage you will get MVP, MMP and GTM strategy.
  • NBT Portfolio (12 months) — Receive IP, hardware certifications, and funding

NBT can be the co-founder of your dreams! In addition to technical and financial support, we serve as an ongoing thought partner as you prepare to launch your technology company.

Ready to build innovative solutions with NBT Visionaries? Apply now.


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