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'Bulletproof' Web Site Hosting Ransomware Finally Seized, Founder … – Slashdot

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An anonymous reader shared this report from CNBC:

The mastermind behind a ransomware hosting service that allegedly helped criminals collect more than 5,000 bitcoin in ransom from hundreds of victims was indicted in federal court this week, prosecutors announced Thursday. Artur Grabowski’s LolekHosted service operated for about a decade and advertised itself as a haven for “everything but child porn,” according to Florida prosecutors. Clients allegedly used the hosting service to deploy ransomware viruses that infected around 400 networks around the world… [That’s 400 just for the Netwalker ransomware, which the announcement calls “one of the ransomware variants facilitated by LolekHosted.”]

Grabowski was charged with computer fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit international money laundering. Grabowski himself is also the subject of a $21.5 million seizure order… Grabowski, a Polish national, faces a maximum sentence of 45 years, if he is ever detained and convicted.
Grabowski also “remains a fugitive,” according to an announcement from the U.S. Department of Justice. It notes that the 36-year-old’s site — registered in 2014 — also “facilitated” brute-force attacks, and phishing.

“Grabowski allegedly facilitated the criminal activities of LolekHosted clients by allowing clients to register accounts using false information, not maintaining Internet Protocol (IP) address logs of client servers, frequently changing the IP addresses of client servers, ignoring abuse complaints made by third parties against clients, and notifying clients of legal inquiries received from law enforcement.”

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