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A Startup Challenge by TE Connectivity

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The future of transportation is electric. E-mobility, the electrification of automobile drivetrains, is changing the way people and goods move from place to place, and the automaker is rewriting its strategy to meet market demand for his EVs. Since its inception over 20 years ago, TE Connectivity (TE) has been at the forefront of the e-mobility transformation and has established itself as a distinct expert in electrical interface design for both passenger and commercial vehicles. rice field. TE is “Power Up with E-mobility” Startup Challenge in this context. Find out more about finalist selection, pitch events, and winning criteria here.

“Power Up with E-mobility” Selection Criteria for Six Finalists

To participate in TE’s “Power Up With E-Mobility” challenge, you must: Submit your application by November 4, 2022.

During November, applications will be reviewed by an expert panel of TE subject matter experts from the E-Mobility team, as well as global business and technology representatives.

Six finalists will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • originality and creativity: The level of innovation in the proposed technology, product, and/or service and whether it represents a significant advance in technology.
  • technology readiness level;
  • Added value, potentialand customer benefit (e.g., ease of use, practical relevance), and
  • type of business: Applicant’s ability to support the development of a proposed technology, product, or service.

Exclusive pitching events and collaboration sessions with TE engineers

Tuesday, December 6th: Six finalists will be invited to a TE internal pitch event held as a virtual online meeting. Finalists will be given the chance to showcase their technology in a 10-minute pitch, followed by her 5-minute Q&A with the audience. The audience will consist of senior TE representatives from various functions including product management, strategy, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and TE’s professional automotive engineers.

After the pitch event, each finalist will be matched with 3 or 4 pre-selected TE engineers. The goal is to collectively come up with appropriate use cases for applying the technology, such as TE’s new or improved products, processes, or services. Interacting with TE engineers allows us to fine-tune solutions for TE’s business, for example to enhance our products or address issues.

Wednesday, December 7th: Once you’re matched with a TE engineer, you’re ready to start a brainstorming session. Decide with TE engineers when to meet (based on location/availability/time zone, etc.) to discuss use cases, refine ideas, and prepare pitch presentations for selected proposals.

Final Day Sessions and ‘Power Up with E-mobility’ Winner Selection

Thursday, December 8th: Your proposal will be presented at the second pitch event. The format and audience are the same as the first pitch event. At this second pitch event of his, the presentations will be judged in real time by a panel of judges, and the final winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Winning criteria will be the same as used for the initial selection (see above) and he will select one (1) final winner for a US$30,000 no-equity, unconditional prize.

TE will offer benefits and opportunities to all six finalists

Only one winner will be selected for the prize, but all six finalists will have the opportunity to engage with TE in a subsequent PoC or pilot program. To highlight the results of this Open Innovation Challenge, all finalists will be included in her TE press release with special mention to the winning team.

However, the pitch event and collaboration phase with TE Engineering are also your chances to win, as they provide you with the opportunity to interact with senior representatives and experts, as well as promote your solutions. A second pitch will give him a second chance to present a compelling case, so TE may be able to work with you further. After discussion with TE engineers, we can also offer a customized and more attractive product to get you interested in a proof of concept or pilot program.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don’t wait or hesitate – Click here to apply today!


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