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6 Steps to Choosing a Business, from Following Your Passion to Measuring Your Risk

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StartupNation inspires, educates, and consistently engages Main Street American entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to be their own boss and live the American dream.

There are always three important pre-decisions for anyone wanting to start a small business. And let’s face it. That pool of people seems to be getting bigger every day.

The first decision is whether to take the plunge or not. The final point is how to proceed with the new business from a basic perspective such as money and lifestyle.

However, the second decision may be the most difficult. What kind of business or what kind of company are you going to start? In 2022, more people than ever have made final decisions and started doing business. The South saw the biggest growth in 2022, with most of that increase coming from new housing and community services businesses.

So, once you’ve decided that life as an entrepreneur is right for you, how do you choose the right business? make the most of their abilities, aptitudes, and assets. We’ll show you how to organize it all in these six essential steps.

Follow your passion

The best option is always to manufacture or sell products and services that you know and love. If you’re looking for a place where you can record short-term hits for financial gain, that’s fine; make your money, and get out. But if you’re looking to start a long-term business that fits your temperament, strengths, and desired lifestyle, you should choose a business you love.

The benefits of following your passion are many. For one thing, if you really believe in what you’re marketing or selling, you have a much better chance of making a sale. And when the difficult times came and will continue to do so.

Barbara Yugovich, for example, was a dedicated high school teacher in Metro Detroit who spent ten years pondering her entrepreneurial life. So she founded The Homework Solution in Waterford Township, Michigan in 2004, where she and her staff tutor children in subjects from English to computer skills.

Be real

While it’s important to start a business with your personal interests and expertise in mind, you also need to make sure this company is a tangible entrepreneurial opportunity.

Let’s take a sober look at the relevant marketplaces. Does it tend toward a real need or collective desire for the business you want to start? Better yet, is America and the world screaming for someone to do this? Don’t just respond to the opportunity, try to respond in the best possible way.

How else could David Dean have come up with the idea of ​​Breast Implants 411, a website designed to educate and inform patients and provide information about qualified plastic surgeons? Huh? He also chose the perfect location for this idea: Los Angeles.

Consider competition

Research the established competitive landscape. Also, don’t keep one eye closed. You really need to know if someone beat your brilliant idea.

However, if you find that the space you have chosen is already occupied by other businesses, don’t necessarily scare them. In fact, existing competitors can be good indicators of legitimate business opportunities. If others are already doing well with it, that could bode well for you. Learn from them. And most importantly, differentiate yourself in your product or service itself, or perhaps in your geographic market.

For example, John Lillegren was well aware that candy apples were not a new idea. But co-founder Amy’s Candy Kitchen The Cedarburg, Wisconsin, resident saw a trend in the candy business that could be used to create premium apple candies that would appeal to gourmets. And now Amy’s $14 high He’s Faroutin’ Candy Apple Gourmet He’s Pecan Turtle Caramel Apple And Dark increase.

Make lifestyle choices

If you like activities that your business requires you to perform, but as long as you can see the future, you will need a 24/7 commitment from now on, think twice. Don’t put plans on hold for business planning. Your dream business can quickly become a nightmare.

At the same time, make sure you choose a business that fits the kind of life you are leading or wanting to lead. If you enjoy being alone, choose one that allows you to work from home. If you enjoy community activities and interacting with strangers, some form of retail might be for you.

Be aware of your risk profile

Your tolerance for adventure in your new life is a key factor in choosing a business. If you create a truly innovative concept, the business benefits can be enormous, but the potential for success also means the associated risks. There are fewer variables and fewer risks involved in replicating a business idea that needs minor tweaks for differentiation.

This risk-reward scenario is fully accounted for when buying a franchise. It is one of the least risky approaches to seeding an entrepreneur’s oats but has a cap on potential rewards. Open for Business being a franchisee means that the franchisor is usually skimming profits from your hard work.

Respect the internet

Consider how you can take advantage of this groundbreaking resource. We help you start a small business faster than ever with less capital. It takes very little infrastructure to set up an online business, no bricks and mortar, but remember there are other basics you need to know or learn, such as optimizing your site for search.

Also, note that the internet can be disconnected in both directions. The opportunities are exciting, tempting, and perhaps seemingly endless, but potential competitors are seeing more of the same than ever before. You will face some basic marketing challenges.

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