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50 Soap Business Name Ideas (5 Tips to Get You Started)

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A soap business name can reflect your brand’s values and impacts how customers remember your company. A name can be memorable, make people smile, and establish goodwill for the soaps that you sell.

Picking the right business name is important, and it is a good idea to brainstorm several names before committing to a name. This guide will offer some strategies for choosing a good soap business name and provide 50 business name ideas.

Tips Before Choosing a Name for Your Soap Business

You only get to choose a business name once. While you can technically change your company’s name at any time, making many name changes is not a good idea. It is ideal to pick one name and stick with it for your company’s entire existence. You can follow these tips to increase the likelihood of coming up with a great business name.

Align with Your Brand Identity 

Your brand identity consists of your company’s values, mission, target audience, and other factors. Coming up with a name that keeps those parts of your brand in mind can have it connect more with your audience. If you want a laid-back feel for your brand, a humorous name may work. If you want to focus on being meticulous, you can brainstorm names reflecting that characteristic. 


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Be Memorable and Unique 

A catchy and easy-to-remember name will attract more customers to your soap business. People have to remember your company’s name to buy from you. Making the name too long can make it difficult for people to remember. You can look at your competition for ideas. You shouldn’t use the same name as a competitor, but you can look at their names and think about why they work.

You don’t want to commit to a soap business name only to realize another company has a copyright and trademark for the name. Check that so you won’t have issues, and get the copyright and trademark for your business’s name when the time is right. That way, you are committed to the name, and no one can take it from you.

Consider SEO and Domain Availability

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you gauge the ease or difficulty of ranking for important keywords in your industry. You can use search engines and domain tools to see if another business is using your desired name online. If another soap business is using your business name idea, you may want to consider another name. Competing with other soap businesses, especially those in your area is normal. However, you shouldn’t compete for your company’s name.



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Get Feedback 

Check with family, friends, and colleagues and see what they think about your business name idea. Getting multiple perspectives can help you decide if the name you have chosen is the right one. A family member, friend, or colleague may suggest a better name for your company.

50 Creative Name Ideas for Your Soap Business

Spend as much time brainstorming your business name ideas as you need. You have to like the name and make sure no one else is using it. These 50 creative soap business name ideas can help you get started:

  1. Soap Nation – Check Domain Availability
  2. Soap Time – Check Domain Availability
  3. Clean Castle – Check Domain Availability
  4. Handmade Soap – Check Domain Availability
  5. Handsome Sud – Check Domain Availability
  6. Lotion in Motion – Check Domain Availability
  7. Soap Bar – Check Domain Availability
  8. Soap Bowl – Check Domain Availability
  9. Soap Candy – Check Domain Availability
  10. Empowered Skin – Check Domain Availability
  11. Skin Recovery – Check Domain Availability
  12. In-N-Out Soap Shop – Check Domain Availability
  13. Bubble Town – Check Domain Availability
  14. Bubble Blast – Check Domain Availability
  15. Cleanse Shop – Check Domain Availability
  16. Armor of Soap – Check Domain Availability
  17. Soap Lover – Check Domain Availability
  18. Soap Town – Check Domain Availability
  19. Soap Plaza – Check Domain Availability
  20. Soothing Sud – Check Domain Availability
  21. Squeaky Clean Enterprises – Check Domain Availability
  22. The Best Soap Store – Check Domain Availability
  23. Pure Bliss – Check Domain Availability
  24. Bubbly Bliss – Check Domain Availability
  25. Natural Soap Care – Check Domain Availability
  26. Clean Touch – Check Domain Availability
  27. Shining Soap – Check Domain Availability
  28. Beauty Drop – Check Domain Availability
  29. Look Your Best Soap – Check Domain Availability
  30. Suds and Buds – Check Domain Availability
  31. Squeaky Clean – Check Domain Availability
  32. Super Clean – Check Domain Availability
  33. Lather Up – Check Domain Availability
  34. Time for a Wash – Check Domain Availability
  35. Washing Warehouse – Check Domain Availability
  36. Bath and Body – Check Domain Availability
  37. Beauty Bath – Check Domain Availability
  38. Essentials Soap – Check Domain Availability
  39. Come Clean – Check Domain Availability
  40. Visual Glow – Check Domain Availability
  41. Bubble King – Check Domain Availability
  42. Bubble Queen – Check Domain Availability
  43. Ocean Glow – Check Domain Availability
  44. Sparkling Gem – Check Domain Availability
  45. Nature Suds – Check Domain Availability
  46. Sud Shop – Check Domain Availability
  47. Sud Land – Check Domain Availability
  48. Soapland – Check Domain Availability
  49. Luxury Soap – Check Domain Availability
  50. Executive Soap – Check Domain Availability

How to Start a Soap Business?

Coming up with the right business name will get you on track. A name acts as the foundation, but you will have to take additional steps to turn your idea into a soap business. Listed below are the steps you need to take to start a soap business:

Develop a Business Plan

A business plan outlines opportunities and can help you manage costs. This plan acts as a roadmap and can increase your likelihood of launching a successful company. Business plans change from time to time, and it is important to reassess your plan as opportunities change.

Find a Soap Manufacturer 

A soap manufacturer can provide bulk deliveries that let you save money on purchases. Working with a soap manufacturer helps you keep inventory on the shelves. If customers see empty shelves, they may not come back. Companies like Amazon Business and Natural Soap Directory can get you started.

Decide on Your Business Entity

You can choose from several business entities, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Every business, by default, becomes a sole proprietorship which helps you save on taxes. You can also start a general partnership if you want to pool resources with others. However, profits also get split, and any disagreements can slow down the business.

Business owners can also consider forming corporations, S corporations, and LLCs. These entities have more paperwork as well as tax advantages. Corporations get double-taxed, but you have an easier time issuing shares with this structure. S corporations do not get double taxed, but it is more difficult to issue stock. Many small business owners consider LLCs as the perfect balance of corporation and sole proprietorship benefits.


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Get Business Licenses and Permits

Your soap shop will need several business licenses and permits to operate in your area. Here is a list of licenses and permits you will need:

  • General business license or permit
  • Resale Certificate
  • Certificate of Occupancy

Open a Business Bank Account

A business bank account helps you separate your company’s finances from your personal finances. You should open a business checking account and a business savings account for your company.

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Avail Business Insurance

Business insurance policies protect your business from various uncertainties. You can get general liability insurance to protect yourself from many liabilities. You can also explore more nuanced policies, such as cyber liability insurance, to protect yourself from specific unforeseen events. 

Build Your Retail or Online Store

You can sell soap in a retail store or through an online platform. Retail takes more effort as you have to buy or rent a commercial property in your area. Online stores are more straightforward, and you can set them up much faster.

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Market and Advertise Your Business

Once you have your business up and running, it’s time to spread the word. You can use advertising to spread the word, but doing some marketing on your own can be more cost-effective. You can partner with local companies, create SEO content, optimize your website, and establish social media profiles. 

Business owners have many ways to market and advertise their companies. It’s important to try out several market strategies and discover which ones work best for your soap business.

Launch Your Soap Business

A soap business can help you serve more customers, open up new revenue opportunities, and give you more flexibility. Establishing a strong foundation makes it easier to grow your business and can accelerate your path to success. Growing a business is a long-term journey that can provide a lot of fulfillment along the way.


Can you use your own name as the name of your soap business?

Yes, you can use your own name as the name of your soap business. 

How can you make sure your soap business name stands out from the competition?

You can ensure that your soap business name stands out by looking at competitors’ names and your brand’s values for inspiration. Brainstorm a few name ideas before committing to one.

Should you conduct market research before finalizing your soap business name?

Yes, you should conduct market research before finalizing your soap business name. Market research can help you come up with a better name that is not taken by a competitor.  

Can you use foreign languages in your soap business name?

Yes, you can use foreign languages in your soap business name. It’s your choice as the business owner.

Is it necessary to have a logo designed alongside your soap business name?

It is a good idea to have a logo designed alongside your soap business name. The logo can make your company more recognizable and easier to remember.

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