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5 ways leaders are automating their GRC programs in 2023

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Automated functionality is nothing new on the GRC platform. However, automating without proper context can limit the tactical advantage and efficiency a company can gain.

An effective GRC program today requires an intelligent approach that underpins traditional automated rules with ongoing expert guidance across compliance content and activities. All of this is delivered through an intuitive platform experience.

Current and emerging risk landscapes are causing organizations to re-examine their existing approaches. According to recent information (IDC) research: an organization’s top priority is to have a proactive risk strategy that increases operational efficiency and effectiveness.

GRC leaders agree that improving automation is critical to taking the program to the next level. Below are the top five functional categories that experts, both leaders and laggards, have identified as priorities for creating a mature and meaningful automation strategy.

1. Ingesting external data with automated intelligence sources

External data is essential to provide the context for a complete picture of your compliance efforts. Organizations need better risk insights across vendors and third-party providers. For example, you should be able to access important third-party information and get automatic updates whenever security, privacy, and compliance regimes change.

2. Risk workflow

An effective GRC program is the result of company-wide collaboration. Unfortunately, traditional risk workflows don’t extend to the business, and assignments to gather insights are often viewed as a major distraction. As a result, employees drift away from the purpose of processes and programs.

A recent study by VentureBeat found that up to 30% of employees are unfamiliar with their role in cybersecurity.

GRC leaders need a modern solution that automates evidence collection and facilitates intuitive compliance interactions. By reducing friction for day-to-day business stakeholders, program managers can foster a risk-based culture that makes data actionable and processes audit-ready.

3. Ingesting internal data via API integration

Enterprises today rely on an increasing number of software applications, each with their own data collection and storage methods.

Applications can be configured to share data between internal sources using open API integrations. However, most integration opportunities require significant resources to research, build, and maintain connectivity each time the system is updated. In many cases, reverting to legacy assets can be a more attractive option than assuming potential technical debt.

Technology vendors that offer purpose-built integrations for common customer use cases help leading enterprises drive the adoption of GRC programs, improved data hygiene, and the value of their solutions at scale.

4. Map risks to controls

Control mapping is the foundation of a strong GRC program and provides visibility into an organization’s overall risk environment. By aggregating controls and their associated risks and creating a single source of truth, control mapping helps to effectively identify areas of interrelated risks and control gaps.

Leaders need solutions that provide actionable insights and help them make data-driven decisions when evaluating existing executions for strategic GRC initiatives.

5. Solution implementation

CISOs today are expected to protect all digital aspects of their enterprise, and their responsibilities extend to all areas of technology operations. To meet these needs and respond quickly to changing requirements and security incidents, leaders need out-of-the-box connectivity. A solution that can provide pre-configured integrations, intuitive compliance interactions, and actionable insights for data-driven decision-making can help set the foundation for continuous compliance.

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