Home Startups 5 Perfect Templates To Achieve Any Goal and How To Use Them | by Cosmin Angheluta | The Startup | Sep, 2023

5 Perfect Templates To Achieve Any Goal and How To Use Them | by Cosmin Angheluta | The Startup | Sep, 2023

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Your brain works better with a limited scope — it’s a matter of fact.

Scientists proved multitasking is a terrible choice. Yet, people still boast about their ability to jump between tasks. But all they are doing is shallow work.

Doing one task at a time can save you days of work. But without the proper structures, you will tend towards multitasking. So, you will spend weeks trying to reach goals that should take days. Weeks will extend to months. And months will become soon enough (which we all know means never).

To avoid this trap, you need a strategy. You need a template. And here, I have 5 perfect templates you can use to achieve any goal.

Since I started writing, I have always searched for new ways to achieve my goals.

I wanted the best template to improve my craft. And I used to get angry when I couldn’t reach my objectives. I thought I was doing too little, and that caused me pain.

I felt incapable of doing what seemed easy for others. And my frustration made me quit writing multiple times. But eventually, I found my mistake.

I was better than others. But I focused on too many things. And my brain couldn’t keep up with the stress.

You can’t improve your skills if you push yourself too much. You must give yourself the space to fail, process, and retry. Therefore, work with a limited scope. Otherwise, you will try to succeed in too many things and stall in all of them.

Here are five perfect templates I used to achieve any goal. But first, let me explain why split attention doesn’t work.

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Multitasking is a beautiful concept. But it is flawed.

Have you ever tried doing too many things contemporary?

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