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3 Ways to Practice Self-Care as a Working Mom

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Working mothers know the stress of parenting and the time management struggles that come with it. In between grocery shopping, setting up the kids’ rooms, and soccer drop-offs, the last thing on your endless to-do list is time for yourself. Self-care can be tough as a working mom, but we all know how refreshing it can be to get yourself some R&R, especially when dealing with daily stressors. .

Working as a parent is emotionally and physically challenging, but breaking it down into small steps makes it less overwhelming. can. And the secret to successful working parenting is self-care.

Challenges as a working mother

Working moms and expectant mothers endure countless stressors every day. From sleepless nights to interruptions during video meetings, and even breastfeeding, pumping and cleaning between calls, the challenges of being a working mother are all too common for moms in the first stages of postpartum. The transition for working parents doesn’t just happen when they start working after their child is born. Whether your kids are older, out of school for the summer, or have a new babysitter, your home environment is always changing, but your job demands the same or more.

Switching identities is another challenge. It’s often easy to put your child’s needs ahead of your own. Do you have time to finish the report by 5:00 pm? Or do you watch your kids at soccer practice and then stay up late at work?

Communication is often difficult, even for working mothers. You may be in a workplace that understands the transition, making communication easier. Or, whether you’re a new mother or not, your workplace may make communication difficult. Yes, but not having these conversations often leads to stress and burnout. Plus, without communication, you can miss important moments, like your baby’s first steps and words.

Self-care strategies for working moms

Working parents are caregivers, but remember they are caregivers themselves. We can do our best for others when we ourselves are refreshed. Here are her three little steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine as a busy mom that will impact your life.

1. Work on the physical side of stress relief.

produced by the female body 50% more body fluid According to the American Pregnancy Association, blood during pregnancy supports your developing baby. Excess water is excreted only through sweat and urination. This is where infrared applications play an active role in self-care for new mothers. An infrared sauna session aids postpartum recovery by removing excess water and bloating, detoxifying the body, boosting metabolism and reducing joint pain. As a mother, killing time in the sauna can be difficult. Responsive infrared textiles can provide benefits similar to infrared saunas when integrated into everyday products such as apparel and bedding. Stress relief is often a mental game, but it can also be a physical game.

2. Think short-term and long-term.

Milestones are in miles, not inches. As a professional, he is often encouraged to work towards intermediate goals, such as meeting annual revenue targets or completing his six-month project. However, as a parent returning to work after maternity leave, it can be difficult to think about the future without a baby now.

To combat this, try to think of the very short term and the very long term at the same time. In just a few hours, you’ll be home with your baby again, but in a few years, it’ll be comforting to know that you’ve done your best to feed your baby and show the benefits of hard work. Look forward to being with your baby again soon. But at the same time, keep striving to achieve long-term goals that ultimately lead to positive results.

3. Integrate a daily self-care routine.

It doesn’t have to take hours or days to carve out time for yourself. In some cases, it may take several minutes. Prioritizing time to journal, read, and meditate can help you become more mindful, breathe better, take care of your health, and take better care of those around you. .

Exercise and fresh air do wonders for your mental health as well as your physical health. Practicing a daily skincare routine, taking a bath every night, or listening to a podcast are all small changes that can have a big impact on your quality of life. Whether you use an app like Calm or one of his many podcasts on Spotify or YouTube, the Sounds and Meditation service allows you to perform self-care quickly.

As a working mom, you deserve to feel rested and relaxed. Following these steps will help you get your day off to a good start. With all the stresses associated with motherhood, especially when work complicates the equation, you also owe it to yourself to prioritize your own needs. By considering infrared for relaxation, practicing self-care, and changing your mindset, you can bring your best self to those who need you at work and at home.

This guest post was written by Kristina Johnson.

Kristina Johnson is an account development manager and new mother overseeing Hologenix’s FemTech and beauty space. Hologenix is ​​a materials science company dedicated to developing products that enhance human potential and improve health and wellness. Celiant®Its flagship technology, is an infrared ingredient brand that enhances fiber-based products with health and wellness benefits across performance, recovery and sleep.


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