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14 Practices That Are Hurting Your Consumer Experience

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We recently asked key executives what words they would use to define their professional development focus in 2023.

Here is their reaction…

John Schembari, Senior Education Officer

investment. How do you invest in the professional development that participants receive? Often, professional development involves participants reviewing relevant data, defining personal and collective areas for growth, and developing initiatives. Prioritize (1-3) target growth areas and analyze their impact. Therefore, I am not a fan of “one-off” training, but a big proponent of continuous PD in the form of rotating Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and affinity networks.

John Shenbari Currently a K-12 teacher/school leader performance coach and former school building and district administrator. She loves painting, traveling, swinging, dancing and reading non-fiction.

Carla Biasi, Personal Stylist

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You want to find fun ways to interact with your followers and bring your own personality into your communications. You will be able to focus on your content without being bound by preconceived notions. And I’m really looking forward to connecting with the viewers.

Carla Biasi Personal stylist living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She now has her own business, working part-time in a luxury women’s boutique and as a virtual and kit stylist for women’s specialty brands.

Michael Willis, Sports Business Operations Executive

man speaks during work meeting

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My professional development word for 2023 is ‘Clarity’.

Articulate, by definition, means expressing yourself easily, clearly, and effectively.

In all that we do, we must find the words to powerfully express our intentions in order to make ourselves believable.

The first question in a job interview is, “Tell me about yourself.” You will be asked to do this. Your answer sets the tone for the rest of the interview. Many job seekers are puzzled by this question. You have to be able to “clarify” a compelling and clear response.

Seeing is believing and you might get a great visual presentation. However, the graphic must be able to “clarify” what the visual is trying to show the viewer in a communicative and comprehensible way.

In 2023, we will work on the skill of “articulation”.

Michael Willis He has over 18 years of experience with accounting and sports organizations and has managed P&Ls from $10M to over $125M on budgets from $3M to over $50M. He spent his 22-and-a-half years in the NFL, working primarily with gaming personnel involved in the financial/accounting side of the business.

Mark Taylor, Product & Operations Executive

commitment concept

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“Dedication.” Always do your best, strive to be “better,” and let go of things you cannot control.

why?Well, I’m forever searching for practical ways to be more effective. stats on netflix. A documentary about therapist Phil Stutz, directed by Jonah Hill.

Phil and fellow practitioner Barry Michels have written two books. tool When coming aliveI recently started reading the latter.

There are a few nuggets in this book that have made me sit down and pay attention. In particular, this quote reads:

“The reason you can’t commit to something is because failure hurts too much. Success means putting everything in line and starting over if it doesn’t work. And also. No need to blame. No excuses.” ”

So let me introduce you to our true Commitment and Success for 2023…

Mark Taylor He has over 20 years of risk, technology and product management experience in global and regional financial services companies in the UK and US. He managed his team of over 40 people, addressed over 100 regulatory issues, and saved businesses over $15 million.

Ana Smith, Talent Architect and Global Learning Strategist

connection, teamwork concept

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Connectivity is my development focus for 2023!

Our workplace plays an important role in our lives. Work affects our physical and mental well-being, for better or worse. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the relationship between work and happiness much clearer. According to the Surgeon General 2022, Workplace Mental Health and Well-being report, one of the biggest challenges we face in 2022 (and beyond) is connectivity and community.

Connection is essential to human well-being. Connection is a basic human need, and people who feel more connected to others are happier, healthier, and more resilient.

One of the reasons connection is important is that it helps us fight loneliness and isolation. When you feel connected to others, you feel less lonely and more supported. This can be especially important during stressful or difficult times as it can provide a sense of security and comfort.

Connection can also make you feel seen, heard, and valued. When you share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others and respond with understanding and empathy, you feel understood and accepted. This is especially important for those who feel left out or excluded in some way.

Of particular importance to me, connectivity plays a key role in our ability to learn and grow. Connecting with others gives us the opportunity to gain new perspectives and insights and learn from the experiences of others. This can help you develop new skills, knowledge, and understanding, which can aid in your personal and professional growth.

Finally, it is a key factor in our ability to experience joy, love and belonging. When you feel connected to others, you experience deep and meaningful relationships that bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose. This is especially important for people who struggle to find meaning or purpose in life.

Anna Smith Using coaching as a ‘red thread’ to develop and co-create talent strategies and customized solutions, transforming them into impactful results and collaborations to help people and organizations maximize their potential talent. We help you reach your maximum potential.

Debra Shannon, IT Executive

Intentionality, strategy concept

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My 2023 focus is intentionality. In the past, I’ve tried to do everything, but I’ve realized that even when I try my best, I can’t do everything. you are going to do well You can’t decide what your day will be like in the past or the day before, whether it was a good day or a bad day. ’ A few things happened during the pandemic and this one really struck a chord with me. Everything happens for a reason and you only worry about things you can control.

There are always more personal/professional opportunities than I am physically capable of. . Every day counts. I can’t do it all, but that’s okay (and I’m getting better at admitting it). I will continue to be more intentional about what I plan and what I achieve.

Debra Shannon CPA, CIA and CISA certified IT Executive. Her passion is turning chaos into silence. Her unique combined experience in technology, project management, and auditing allows her to analyze complex business problems, identify practical solutions, and lead executive teams and her business partners to navigate technological change. value can be accepted.

Lisa Perry, Global Marketing Executive

Sunrise/sunset appreciation, abundance concept

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In 2023, my focus is on abundance. Abundant in the 5 areas of expertise: Connectivity, Fulfillment, Wealth, Success and Happiness. I have tried to clearly define what this means to me for each of these five areas. He wants to grow his social media network by 40% in 2023, for example, to gain a wealth of professional connections. I made a detailed plan of what I needed to accomplish. Post on LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram 2-3 times a week to grow your social media network by 40% and connect with over 100 new people per week. Weekly tracking makes it easy to measure ongoing progress and success.

I also think it’s important to state the intent of the word abundance every day if possible to keep you focused, motivated, and propelled toward your goals. This will increase your chances of achieving your goals.

I think some things are easy to do, but others, depending on the scale, need to be worked on. You have to contend with busyness, distraction, intimidation and fear. The key is to be persistent, stay motivated and stay committed. But my goal is to focus on enrichment outcomes.

Lisa Perry It helps businesses build leadership brands, drive loyal customers, and realize profitability. She does this through the process of building brands that consumers love. Her goal is to help companies develop, monetize and grow their brands.

What words define the focus of professional development in 2023? Join the internal conversation Work It Daily Executive Program.

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