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10 Good Excuses to Leave Work Early

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You are working and want to go home early. What is your occupation?

come on i’m gonna share 10 good excuses to quit your job immediately.

You can use these excuses to show up at a job interview or simply take a vacation if you’re tired.

good excuse to leave work early

Some valid and acceptable reasons for leaving work early include:

  • To feel dizzy
  • nausea or feeling sick
  • Migraine
  • doctor’s appointment
  • dental emergency
  • sick child
  • family emergency
  • Critical deliveries or repairs at home
  • repair the car

These are all good excuses to quit your job on short notice.

However, some are better than others depending on the time of day and situation.

Moving forward, I’ll detail the pros and cons of each reason, and what to do if you decide to quit your job using one of these excuses.

1. Vertigo

Vertigo is one of the best excuses to leave work early, especially abruptly.

This is a great excuse because it’s very difficult for an employer to be suspicious of you or say they still need you to stay. What can they say if they are too dizzy to continue working?

You’re also less likely to be asked if you’ve taken your medication. On the other hand, if you say you have an upset stomach, your boss may suggest taking your medicine during your lunch break and then checking how you feel.

So if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to quit your job early, you can report dizziness with a script like this:

“I want to go home early. I’m pretty dizzy and I don’t know why.”

A good employer should respect your health and well-being and send you home.

Even better, this excuse allows you to come back the next day and say you’re fine again! They will most likely follow up and ask how things are going over the next few days.

2. Nausea and feeling sick

Then you can say that you suddenly feel sick. You can report feeling sick or nauseous in general.

Like the excuse above, this allows you to leave work early, and most employers don’t require a doctor’s note or expect you to attend a simple medical examination like this. I don’t.

Note that feeling generally unwell is a good excuse to quit work before the working day.a good employer No If someone comes to work and wants to pass a cold or flu on to others and reports symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, they should be given sick leave.

Of course, some employers and bosses aren’t great. Please use your best judgment with this excuse. If your boss is the one who pressures sick people to come to work anyway, this may not be the best excuse for you.

3. Migraines

A migraine is one of the best excuses to leave work abruptly, especially if you say you’re extremely sensitive to light and sound ( is a common symptom of migraine).

Again, if you say you can’t look at a computer screen because of photosensitivity or pain, it’s difficult for your employer to pressure you to keep working.

So this increases your chances of leaving early without getting into a fight with your boss!

And like the excuse above, it’s so easy to go back to work the next day and say, “I’m fine now, thank you.”

No doctor’s note or medical appointment is required.

It’s also an excuse that can be used over and over again throughout the year (within reason, of course). On the other hand, if you have one of the following reasons, such as a dental emergency, you can quit your job early.

4. Examination

Saying you need to attend a doctor’s appointment is also a good reason to leave work early. To use this reason, simply say:

“I need to leave a few hours early to attend a doctor’s appointment. I was waiting to hear about availability, but the doctor just opened a cancellation. I don’t know, so it’s an important reservation.”

You don’t have to name a specific personal illness or anything more. Most employers should accept this reason.

However, some employers may ask for a doctor’s note the next day.

That’s the one risk or downside here.

So before making this excuse, think about whether your boss might ask for a doctor’s note.

5. Dental emergency

You can also take advantage of last-minute dental appointments or emergencies to leave work early.

At any time during normal working hours, you can say:

“I have to leave work early today.

I used this excuse once when I was working as a recruiter. It was true in my case. When I woke up, I noticed something was wrong with one of her teeth, so I called the dentist that morning to make an appointment.

Just before lunch, my dentist called me to schedule an appointment, and I immediately told my boss.

He said, “No problem. Please come back tomorrow. I’ll see you then. I hope the interview goes well.”

This was a 2pm reservation. Depending on the location of your appointment and your company’s normal business hours, this is the perfect time to leave early and not be asked to return.

6. sick child

If you have children, their sickness is a good excuse to leave work early once or twice a year.

If your child becomes ill and needs to be picked up from school or needs immediate care at home, most employers will allow you to go home and care for your child. To do.

No further details need to be provided.

Most companies will find this to be a valid excuse to leave the job on short notice.

7. Family emergencies

If you want to make a very general excuse, you can say that you need to respond to a family emergency or home emergency and leave it at that.

Unless you have a track record of poor attendance or asking for “too much” time off, most bosses will accept this once a year with little question.

8. Critical deliveries or home repairs

Then you can say you’ve been notified that you need to be home for an important delivery or repair. I can tell you you can’t miss it.And the workers informed you that you must be home when someone arrives.

However, you may face follow-up questions with this excuse, so be prepared.

For example, your supervisor might ask, “What did you provide?” Interesting. “

Still, a reasonable boss should let you go home if they say they need your presence.

9. Car repair

If you drive to work, you can ask your employer to let you leave work a few hours early to get your car fixed.

This is a good way to take an afternoon off with few, if any, questions from your employer.

Recently, I can say that I am interested in my car. You can tell your boss that there was an opening in the mechanic last minute. If you don’t go to this appointment, you could end up losing even more jobs due to ongoing car trouble.

Most bosses would see this as a valid reason to leave early.

10. Truth

All of the above are good excuses for leaving early, but if you have other reasons, consider being honest (Unless you’re attending a job interview, in which case I don’t recommend talking to your boss).

However, if you need to help a family member or take time off for mental health reasons, etc., consider telling your employer what’s really going on.

If your company has a good culture and cares about your employees, they will want to know what is going on and will understand that sometimes they need to take time off from work.

If you want to go home early for other personal reasons, you don’t have to pretend to be suddenly ill or make up a detailed story about your family.

And if you’re facing a true last-minute emergency, like a home invasion, give your immediate manager a word. i have to go home now ”

Overall, trust your instincts. If you feel your reasons are unacceptable or unwise to share, you can use one of the safe and common excuses above to make sure you leave work early and without danger. .

bad excuse to leave work early

I’ll keep this section brief, but I want to warn you about two bad reasons to quit your job. Avoid these reasons.

beginning, Don’t tell your boss or HR that you need time off to attend a job interview at another company.

This is never a good idea.Wait until you accept a new job and tell your current employer anything About job hunting.

Next, Avoid why you should know in advance.

For example, if you cite a specific family obligation, such as a wedding or party, your boss will likely ask why you didn’t request time off in advance.

Anytime you leave work early, you’re putting your boss in a bit of a tough position.

As such, many of the above reasons are related to sick leave and unforeseen emergencies.

Consider requesting time off in advance for ongoing issues

The above excuses are safe and acceptable if you want to take partial leave, but you should apply for leave in advance due to ongoing issues.

For example, if you feel tired at work on a daily basis, take a vacation.

If you are struggling with mental health, do the same.

If you require time off due to ongoing medical treatment, please discuss this with your immediate supervisor.

Applying for time off in advance so your boss can cover your shift increases your chances of receiving a positive response from your boss.

You can take a quick leave or two for personal emergencies without harming your position at work, but don’t make it a habit.

Conclusion: how to quit your job quickly

If you’ve read the list above, you know 10 common and acceptable excuses to leave work during your shift.

You can use the above excuses without sending red flags to your boss or company.

Unless you regularly leave early, your employer and team will understand.

And as a final piece of advice, no matter what excuse you choose, Be direct and concise, and don’t share too much detail when explaining.

You don’t have to spend five minutes (or five paragraphs in an email) in your boss’s office explaining why you left early. Say a few sentences and be done with it.

The best excuse to leave early is one that is short, concise, and shares enough detail to convince the company that you need to leave for the day.

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